My husband and I took the kids to the mall today in hopes of finding some back to school deals.  Well, he ended up telling me to go into my favorite store and start the massive process of redoing my wardrobe.  It has taken a serious hit since staying home with little ones!

While in the store, I rediscovered my love for long necklaces, colorful bracelets and sparkly earrings!

I got home, on a retail high, and The Christmas Fairy tells be about JewelMint, a website that takes my personal style, analyzes it and then sends me monthly a selection of bracelets, rings and necklaces that fit my style!  I can buy them or I can pass and wait for the next month!

All I did was sign up and take a little “style” test!   It is a fun test and I loved taking off my “Mommy” style and putting back on my “Lori” style!  What they picked was pretty spot on!

How pretty is this necklace?  And so Lori!

Go take your style profile and let me know what they picked for you!  Was it what you would have picked?

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