The reviewer received SmartMax My First Animal Train for review purposes. All opinions are hers alone.

Keep kids engaged over the summer with these new magnetic toys from SmartMax. Sit back and watch as your kids use their imagination and knowledge to expand their play.

SmartMax My First Animal TrainIt’s easy to get caught up in the summer months and start worrying that you haven’t done enough to keep your kids engaged in learning.

Stop it!

Kids are going to learn by doing, and exploring the world around them. I believe it’s a rare moment that they aren’t picking up something new. Of course, there are definitely ways we can help engage their learning and direct it. Great toys like SmartMax and the new My First Animal Train teaches kids colors, magnetic force, and motor skills.

SmartMax My First Animal Train engages kids in fun learning. adKids are naturally fascinated by magnets. Until they understand why a magnet sticks, it appears to them to be magic. If I’m being honest, as an adult, I still find magnets fascinating. With the My First Animal Train kids get to use magnets to put together train cars, and animals. It gets to be a lot of fun as they explore different ways to put together the train cars and animals.

SmartMax My First Animal Train. ad

All the pieces fit together, but some can offer interesting looks to both the train and animals. Watching my son play with it was quite interesting in itself. Instead of just mixing and matching the animals and train cars, he used the magnets to make pens for the animals too. Just watch how fun these are and the creative imagining he’s got going.

One reader will win their choice of SmartMax My First Animal Train or My First Safari. Open to US readers 18+ Ends 6/30/17