This is a guest post by Adelina Priddis, author at Home Maid Simple. Product was exchanged for an honest review. 

There comes a time after having kids that you find you’ve kind of let yourself go. You never meant to, but life happened. Despite your best efforts, making time to care for your health always seems to fall to the bottom of that carefully planned out list of dance, soccer, school, and sleep.

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Find a Support System

Of course you may justify that sleep is taking care of your health! Which it is indeed, but are you truly sleeping when you say you are? I know I’m not. Perhaps I’ve assumed too much though, and this scenario is just me. I’d like to think that I’m not the only one with this struggle though. At least until recently. Since moving back near family, and a very active health smart family at that, my personal care has started to become better.

May I share what I’ve learned with you? Too bad, I’m going to anyway!

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Have a support system. 

My husbands brother and wife have been fantastic for our families health. They’re always on the go outside, and encourage us to do the same. It’s not like that time your friend said “hey let’s go workout” and you said “sorry I’ve got to wash my hair today”. You need the kind of support that is willing to push you because they care about you. They don’t make you feel bad when you can’t, but will then rearrange yours and their own schedule so you can.

If your buddy goes to work out at 5am, and you are not a morning person – chances are, they’re not going to be the type of support you need unless it’s all verbal. My Sister-In-Law has been exactly what I need. Despite being well into the day and warmer than preferred, after she picks up her preschooler, she swings by my house with her bike and trailer. We unhitch the trailer from her bike, put my son in with hers, and off we go. Some days I can only walk, and sometimes I feel a good jog/run is possible. I KNOW she’d rather bike together, but for me it’s not going to happen. She KNOWS I’m not comfortable on a bike (yet), so she accommodates to get me out and moving.

Fuel your body correctly. 

This is probably where we all kind of mess up. I know for me it is. Without exercise and eating right, I’ll never get out of my slump. While exercise is more a mental obstacle for me, food is a habit. I eat because I love food, and I eat when I’m bored, and I eat when I get stressed…see the pattern?  Eating that much usually means snacks, and that usually equates to the wrong kind of fuel for a healthy body.

Hanging out with my in laws, we discovered Fiber One bars. I could tell it was their kids favorite go to snack, and was quickly becoming my kids favorite when visiting. I was delighted to hear about Fiber One’s new Cheesecake bars! Graham cracker, cheesecake and either Salted Caramel or Strawberry topping that is guilt free? Count me in.

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With 5 grams of fiber per bar, I know I’m fueling my body for success. See I’ve researched fiber, and found that it helps you feel full longer! By not feeling hungry, it’s easier for me to skip those extra snacks and reach for a glass of water instead.

Try something new. 

Alright so my sister-in-law has been talking about Tuesday Yoga ever since I moved here. Last week she tells me she’s got a punch pass to get one extra person in with her. I enjoy yoga, but have only ever done it at home, where no one can see me, and I can pretend I know what I’m doing. Feeling more bold and empowered because of her support, I said yes. I went to Tuesday yoga, and I enjoyed it! I was sore through Thursday afterwards, but it was awesome! For me trying something new came in the where I exercise, but I would encourage trying new types as well, and really find something you enjoy doing. If you run but don’t enjoy it, chances are working out is harder for you.


I have used sleep in the past as my excuse to not exercise, and do other things to take care of me, but truth is I am not really sleeping. I want to sleep, because I need sleep, but I’m still skipping it in favor of other indulgences. My favorite TV show, school work, work work, a good book – what have you. This is the next area I need to work on, because the right amount of sleep is crucial to a healthy mind.