*I received these family games from Spin Master for review. All opinions are my own.*

Well, it’s official. The kids are home from school for the next 2 weeks. I’m excited to spend so much time with them, but also a little worried we’re going to be sick of being together 24/7. We really love school and the structure it brings.

However, having all the time together means we get more time to play games that we don’t always have time to play between family dinners, homework, and housework. These family games from Spin Master have quickly become our absolute favorites.


Fun games for the whole family from Spin Master. ad

Kids and adults will love playing this game together. I learned we haven’t played 20 questions enough with our kids, as they struggled coming up with probing questions the first few times we played. The more we play it, however, the better and more creative their questions become.


Strategy and fun abound in Othello. ad

The perfect 2 player game that can turn what looks like a winner into a loser very fast. I remember playing this one with my siblings as a kid, and now I get to share it with my kids. The first time I played it with Chloe, she cleaned me off the board by pure luck. The 2nd time I could see her developing more of a strategy. I praised her quick learning to which she responded, Uhh, I beat your butt the first time we played”.

Touche child, touche.

Escape Room the Game

Escape Room the Game from Spin Master. ad

Have you seen these escape rooms that are all the rage? I haven’t been to one yet, but with Escape Room the Game there’s no need to find a live game. With a countdown, intense music via the app, and codes that seem impossible to crack at times, adults and older teens will have fun trying to stay alive in these games.

The only downside of this game, is once you’ve played an event, you know the answers and can’t play it again. It does come with 4 adventures of varying level, and each game runs for an hour. We barely made our antidote in time during Virus!