This Nature Cat review is sponsored by PBS and written by Adelina from Home Maid Simple. All opinions are my own.

The backyard is calling! When you can’t get out for an adventure, look to your own backyard. Nature Cat helps kids explore the space around them, without having to leave home.

Exploring your backyard ala Nature Cat on PBS is too fun! ad

With our last move, my only requirement was that I needed a big backyard for the kids. Preferably one with a fence around it. So that is exactly what we got. The house layout is a bit cramped, but as long as I can send the kids out back to play without hearing “I’m bored!” a million times, I knew we would survive.

Take a Nature notebook on your backyard adventure with Nature Cat. adWe have 2 tree swings, and 6 trees perfect for climbing. We’ve made fairy homes, campouts, and shelters mere steps outside the door. The kids have turned into knights, fairies, and school teachers while running around the yard. They are truly happy here, and having the space to explore has made the adjustment of our move tolerable.

When I watched Nature Cat with the kids for the first time a few months ago, I fell in love. See Nature Cat is a simple house cat, but one that wants adventure. So he heads to his backyard and with his friends, goes on some wonderful and educational adventures. We were thrilled to hear there would be 2 brand new episodes of Nature Cat premiering this month, that we just had to head outside for our own adventure.

Exploring the backyard like Nature Cat is fun and exciting! Just ask your kids!We discovered a birds nest in the tree, and all kinds of bugs in the dirt. We found a few different plants including purple flowers. We talked about keeping the critters outside, and in their natural habitat.

As the sun began to set, the adventure group came trudging inside, a little sad to be leaving the adventure behind, but ready to watch Nature Cat in his 2 brand new adventures – The Great Grasshopper Race and Fall for Hal. We had  Grasshopper Pizza to enjoy while watching The Great Grasshopper Race after I assured them there were no actual grasshoppers in the pizza.

Grasshopper Pizza with Nature Cat is a must for exploring day. ad

New Episodes of Nature Cat

Premiering May 23, 2016

The Great Grasshopper Race

Hal’s grasshopper buddy Dustin Hopman will be competing today in the Great Grasshopper Race.  Hal has been training him, and now there is no doubt that Dustin is ready to go! But before the race starts, Dustin inexplicably hops off into the woods. It’s up to the gang to find Dustin and bring him back before the race starts.  But looking for a small green bug turns out to be more easily said than done!

Fall For Hal

The first day of fall is Hal’s favorite day of the year.  It’s when he always goes on his First Day of Fall Scavenger Hunt.  But there is a big problem this year.  Hal is sick and can’t get out of bed!  When it looks like Hal is in for some major disappointment today, Nature Cat comes up with a great idea: they will bring fall, and all the items on his scavenger hunt list, to Hal!

2 new episodes of Nature Cat premiering May 23, 2016 on PBSKids. ad

What adventure will you find in your backyard this summer?