**Lucid Audio provided HearMuffs for review. All opinions are my own.**

Before kids you may have lived life doing whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted. After kids, suddenly bedtime became important and crowded and loud events became a thing of the past. No longer with Hearmuffs from Lucid Audio!

HearMuffs by Lucid Audio help parents get out of the house. ad

I remember the first time I tried to take our oldest to a college basketball game. It wasn’t that I was particularly fond of the sport, but her dad played in the pep band, and I enjoyed being around people. I needed the connection to other adults.

We didn’t even last through the first quarter. In a stadium filled to the brim with college basketball lovers, our dear little girl let me know she was NOT a fan. Football games were easier to attend as we weren’t a particularly good team, but it still wasn’t ideal bringing a baby along.

Concerts, festivals, and movies were all attempted, but eventually, I  just found it easier to stay home. Most events seemed to lap over naptime as well. Five kids later, and I’d become a homebody. I see something fun, but then debate if I want to attempt bringing the kids, or the bigger task – find a sitter that I trust with my baby.

Family Outing!

Thanks to HearMuffs™ I find myself feeling excited about the fun events going on in our hometown again! Garth Brooks concert, Colts Games, and the Red Bull Airshow all stuck out as fun things I’d love to attend this past month. If only I was a millionaire and could go to them all!

We decided to take the whole family to the Red Bull Air Show. It was unique, it only came around once a year, and we’d get to hang out in the Indianapolis Motor Speedway – home of the Indy 500. We went on Saturday, when the crowds would be a little less, to watch the pilots run their practice runs and attempt to qualify for the Sunday races.

HearMuffs help kids enjoy getting out while protecting their ears from loud sounds. ad

It was fantastic! Oh, I had so much fun just getting out of the house and doing something out of the ordinary again. The kids had lots of fun, and best of all baby Harold was able to enjoy the show. He loved watching the planes fly around the pylons, and loop into the air.

When it came time for his morning nap, all we had to do was snuggle under a blanket and out he went. I kept telling Mark I don’t think I’ve ever seen him look so peaceful while sleeping before. With 4 older siblings, there’s always some sound penetrating his brain, so I’m sure this was a nice break.

HearMuffs help baby's sleep on the go. adBeyond loud events, I’m seeing how these HearMuffs can be useful at home too. With older siblings and neighbor kids in and out, our house can get kind of loud. HearMuffs can help my baby find some peace and quiet amidst the noise.

3 Different Styles of HearMuffs

HearMuffs™ – Blocks sound. Protecting babies ears.

HearMuffs™ Soothe – Blocks sound. With a simple push of a button, baby can hear mom’s voice through the HearMuffs.

HearMuffs™ Sounds – Blocks sound. Soothe feature. Includes 4 soothing sounds to play for Baby – Heartbeat, Lullaby, White Noise, and Babbling Creek.

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What events will you get out and enjoy with your HearMuffs?