I received Edushape toys in exchange for my honest thoughts. All opinions are my own.

It seems the warm weather came on suddenly and all we want to do is spend our summer days at the pool. With a baby in tow, though, it’s not always easy to go with the whole family.

Edushape's Ladybug Sorter is a pool time favorite! ad

Having a not quite toddler and 4 big kids, means I can’t take them alone. So while my husband heads to the big pool with the older kids, I get to hang out in the baby pool with Harold. Unfortunately, even our baby pool is still kind of big for my little guy. With a slide he hasn’t figured out, and water that goes to three feet deep, he’s kind of stuck splashing in the shallow end.

Edushape's Ladybug Sorter is educational fun for the pool. ad

This, however, does not sit well with my water-loving baby. He wants to be in deep, and if there’s nothing to play with, he crawls straight to the deeper water.

Edushape’s Ladybug Sorter has come in as a pool saver this spring. With an extraordinary mold resistant floating lily pad, I won’t go to the pool this year without it! Harold can play with it in the shallow end, and as it floats around, I can direct it around the shallow end to keep him safe while crawling after it.

Having fun with Edushape at the pool. ad

The biggest problem we now face at the pool is teaching Harold how to share his cool new toys. There were many other small kids who wanted to get their hands on the bright colored shapes and try to find the correct holes. Harold, on the other hand, wasn’t so sure he wanted to share. I guess that will come with time and age.

Family day at the pool is made easy with Edushape. ad

There’s no need to worry about sharing the Ladybug Sorter as long as you also have Edushape’s Water Magic Cube. Promoting early STEM with cause and effect, the kids love turning the cube over and watching the water stream out in different shapes and flows. I have a hard time getting the bigger kids to let this one go for the baby.

Edushape water toys are fun for the whole family. ad

Excuse me now while I head back to the pool. The sun is shining, and we’re taking every advantage we can to get out and relax this summer.