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After having Baby 5 this month I was worried I’d let my kids sit in front of a screen for too long as I recovered, took care of the baby, and tried to stay sane. After all, it is exactly what I had been doing the last month before the baby came. When Lakeshore asked if we’d like to check out the Dino-Dig Excavation Kit I knew it would give me one extra thing to keep the kids entertained away from a screen.

Dino Dig Excavation kit from Lakeshore Learning gets 2 thumbs up!

I had no idea just how much we would love this kit, though. When we first received it, the first thing I realized was it didn’t come with sand. My mistake for thinking it did. We made a quick trip to our local Lakeshore store and found many sand options to choose from. The kinetic sand seemed to promise the least amount of mess indoors, so we picked up a kit that came with a bucket to put the sand in as well.

Dino Dig Excavation Kit from Lakeshore Learning.

Coming home, all we had left to do was open everything and dump it in the bucket. For the next 3 hours, I heard not a peep from the 4-year-old as he buried, dug, brushed, and sifted the sand and dinosaurs. He gives the Dino-Dig Excavation Kit 2 thumbs up, and this mom gives it a whole high five! Anything that keeps my electronically minded child from asking for a screen for that long is worth every penny it cost.

Dino-Dig Excavation Kit from Lakeshore Learning kept my son entertained for 3 hours straight, and daily since.

Eventually, the girls got home from school, and for the last 2 weeks, I have frequently found them gathered around the sand bucket. Sometimes it’s just digging, other times I find them building sand castles around the dinos. All I really know for sure is that my kids are getting along in front of a toy that has encouraged discovery and imagination.

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