*I received a free Daily Goodie Box for review. All opinions of comfort are my own*

a box full of comfort from Daily Goodie Box. adI’m finding myself curled under a blanket, feeling a bit snackish, and trying to let life just flow these days. This months Daily Goodie Box brought samples that fit perfectly into how I’ve been feeling. I dubbed this months box a “box of comfort”.

So what did come in this box full of comfort good? Let’s take a look.

milk chocolate covered gummi bears offer comfort. adI started with the Baron Chocolatier Milk Chocolate Covered Gummi Bears. I’ve loved gummi bears since I was a kid, and the chocolate kind – as long as they’re not cinnamon bears – have only served to make this snack better. This was my first time trying out this brand. I’d say they succeed. I may not have shared these with my kids…

Reo Good, are real good comfort cookies! adOne night, after we had put the children to bed, I pulled out the Reo Good chocolate covered sandwich cookies. Passing the package to the husband, I knew he was going to love these. I thought for sure, however, that we would share. I mean there are 2 in a package. To my dismay, and possibly karma for not sharing the gummi’s, Mark ate and thoroughly enjoyed both cookies.

Curl up with My Cup of Cocoa. adI saved the best for last. This Dark Drinking Chocolate from My Cup of Cocoa is absolutely the best hot cocoa I’ve found this season. I curl up with a mug of it every night after sending the little ones to bed. This stuff I won’t keep to myself, though. One of these cold winter nights I plan on whipping us all up a mug, to enjoy together.

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