You guys know I love Kroger and the deals I get there, even without my store doubling and tripling coupons anymore.   I still save quite a bit.  But one thing I can never seem to save on is MILK.

Well – this week, when you buy 4 boxes of General Mills Cereal OR Nature’s Valley Granola Bars,  you get 2 Gallons of Milk F R E E!!!

That will last us 2 days!  LOL

PLUS, if you coupon, you can save even more!

I copied this from Pays 2 Save – WITH PERMISSION –  because she laid it out better than I ever could!

“This deal is without coupons:

Buy 4 General Mills Cereal: $2.99 w/card=$11.96

Paying $1.99 per cereal and  milk

Deal with 4-$0.50 off coupons for Cheerios: (this is the coupon I have)

Buy 4 GM Cereal: $2.99 w/card= $11.96

Use 4-$0.50 coupons (doubles up to $1)=$4 off

Paying $7.96 ($1.33 per cereal and milk)

Deal with 2-$1 off coupons:

Buy 4 GM Cereal: $2.99 w/card=$11.96

Use 2-$1 coupons=$2 off

Paying $9.96 ($1.66 per cereal and milk)”

As always, check your Catalina coupons and Kroger coupons you get in the mail for even MORE discounts!

Thank you to Pays 2 Save for this amazing deal!

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Image: Pays 2 Save