I have just discovered the newest thing out there!

I have gift cards I will never use.  And they just sit here, gathering dust, stressing me out because someone spent that money on me and it is just going to waste!

So, I JUST found and joined CouponTrade.com and have my $50 Victoria’sSecret Gift Card – which I will never, ever use – up for sale!

You can sell your cards, your Groupon deals that you won’t use, or anything else that you don’t want!

AND you can track deals every day from everywhere on the internet just by clicking “Daily Deals”!  From the Apple App Store ($20 for $25), to Target, Gas Cards, Restaurant deals and so on!  All in one place!

All I did was sign up – I can undo that later – and I can buy and sell what I once thought I could not at CouponTrade.com!

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