I told you the other day about the 12 pack of baby doll tee’s that were marked down from $72.00 to just $8.99!  Well, those are still available in select sizes!  But now you can also get a 12 pack of famous brand crew cut socks, sizes ranging from little kids to women and men for super great prices too!

As with the shirts, this deal comes with 4% cash back from  I’ll be doing a more comprehensive, “What is” post over the next few days, but in the meantime, just read below!

Right now, if you go through and use your Coupons, you can get a 12 pack of 1/4 cut crew cut socks for just $14.99!

AND get 4% back to your cash account making your purchase only $14.39!  That is only $1.20 per par of socks!

AND, if you are a NEW registrant to, you will get an additional $5.00 credit (credited if purchase made within the 1st 30 days), and can get your 12 pack of socks for as little as $9.59 .80 cents per pair of socks!!

Ok – so here is how it works:

New registrant – Go sign up for a account.  Click the Coupons which will take you to the Graveyard Mall daily deals (the tshirts are still at the bottom of the page).  Purchase your socks for $14.99 FREE SHIPPING.  Within 30 days, usually less, you will see your cash back account on reflect your $5.00 instant credit and your 4% cash back from your purchase.  Continue to watch my blog for awesome deals like this, get your cash back balance to $20, and you will get a check!  It is THAT easy! 

Returning peeps – Just log in, use your Coupons, place your order, get FREE SHIPPING and then watch your cash back account for your 4% savings!

It is so easy!  PLUS, if you install the tool bar, any time you go to an online site that has linked cash back to, it will alert you to the savings!  So, your 1st $20 check will be mailed to you in no time!