Okay, call me crazy… but when my 6 year old asked me “what is all of that white stuff coming off the eraser?” I knew my (dry erase taught) child needed to get acquainted with a chalk board!  So I found a big sturdy box (FREE) and painted it with chalkboard paint! Both of my children LOVE it!!! It wipes down with a dry, old sock (free) and they use chalk from the dollar store.  Hours and hours of fun have been had from a less than $15 can of chalkboard paint (which is still almost full).  Here is my secret:

Rust-Oleum 206540 Chalkboard Brush-On, Black, 30-Ounce
Cheap Chalkboard Idea that Kids Will LOVE!! Rust-Oleum 206540 Chalkboard Brush-On


**The price is subject to change at any time.**

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