I am as scared as a little kitty in the middle of the road about losing all of my data, photos, videos and more on my computer.  We all know that with hackers and faulty electronics, it happens way too often!

Right now, you can TRY Carbonite Online Back Up FREE for 15 days!  Plus, if you like it and decided to purchase it, you can get 2 FREE Months with your $59 ANNUAL subscription (special sales are also available).  I had a back up on my old computer that operated like this one and, in just one year, I had to use it twice to restore things I had lost for whatever reason!  Even with external hard drives, I think the $4.91 a month you pay with Carbonite is totally worth it!


External hard drives can get damaged in fires and floods or damaged when dropped.  Carbonite.com stores your backed up files off site so that you can recover them in an instant!  Plus, it is automatic.  So once you decide to participate, the back ups happen without any further action from you!

Especially since, with this special offer, your 14 month subscription after your FREE trial period, is only $4.21 a month.  I was paying $5.95 a month with my old service!

Extra facts about Carbonite:

Try Carbonite today

Unlimited online backup

Automatic and continuous

Encrypts files for privacy

Installs in minutes—PC or Mac

Trusted by over 1 million customers

Get your backed up files from any computer or smartphone

I have to go sign up now… my computer info is too precious to chance!

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