This post is written by Adelina from Home Maid Simple. I am a Bob-A-Long Insider, and received an early copy of the game to test.

Family game nights take on a whole new meaning in our house when December comes around. The kids usually have a little less homework, we’re stuck inside more, and with winter break on the horizon we are all home together more. So that means more family game nights/days. We recently were introduced to Bob-A-Long. A card game that combines Ad-Libs with Charades.

Adlibs and Charades Combine in Bob-A-Long + WIN a Freaky Pets Plush

The older girls had really gotten into ad-libs earlier this year. So when Bob-A-Long showed up they really got into it. We haven’t however done a lot of charades in our house, so it was a great introduction of charades for the kids. With Bob-A-Long there is endless fun, and laughter galore. We love the changes Bob-A-Long has made to the pre-edition we tested out. With the charades included in the game, it will help keep kids attention as the story progresses. We can’t wait to try it again!

Bob-A-Long needs your help though! To get the cards manufactured so everyone can enjoy the zany fun of ad-libs mixed with charades they’ve created a Kickstarter campaign. If this sounds like a game you’d enjoy with your family you can check out that campaign here.


Want to win a Freaky Pets Plush? These fun characters inspired the Bob-A-Long card game. 3 Readers will win their choice of either a Penga or Puff 9″ plush. Open to US 18+ ends 12/17/15