**This partnership is brought to you by ErgoErgo and Tossits.  All opinions are my own.  Affiliate links may be included. 

Starting the New Year with products for people in motion, means that nothing can slow you down!  I have partnered with ErgoErgo and Tossits to help me get moving in the New Year!!  ErgoErgo offers active seating to help keep your brain in motion, and Tossits is a great solution to help keep me clean and organized while on the GO-GO-GO!

ErgoErgo and Tossits to help me get moving in the New Year-girl on yellow stool on adayinmotherhood.com


School, work, home play, the ErgoErgo Stool is the solution!  It is active sitting for all ages!  Your core muscles are engaged, the spine achieves its natural curve, the pelvis gently moves, and the legs stretch.  It is available in 3 sizes for all body types, there is one that will be just right for everyone in the family! ErgoErgo allows you to rock gently in any direction to build strength & flexibility.  Very busy kids can bounce, sway and wiggle while activating their creativity, and engaging their core at the same time.  I have to admit, I am also more creative, and more relaxed while doing my work with the flexibility and ability to wiggle, while I work!

ErgoErgo and Tossits to help me get moving in the New Year-Close up of yellow stool on adayinmotherhood.com

The ErgoErgo stool combines the benefits of active sitting with a joyful contemporary design.  Active sitting wakes up your body. Based on the principle of an exercise ball, the revolutionary ErgoErgo™ allows your body to rock gently, to build strength and flexibility. And it’s comfortable, robust, and easy on the budget.  With its durable quality and timeless design, you can sit joyfully for years to come. ErgoErgo makes for great public seating, and it’s compact enough for the smallest space.

ErgoErgo and Tossits to help me get moving in the New Year-Close of Tossits bag product on adayinmotherhood.com

With back to school season right around the corner, Tossits is the easiest and most convenient way to say goodbye to car garbage. Simply hang Tossits on the back of a headrest and fill with dry or wet trash. When the bag is full, tear it off the pack, seal it by removing the adhesive strip, and throw it away in the nearest garbage can or recycling bin. With multiple bags in a header (10, to be exact), you can easily fill your bags with trash and keep your car clean and organized while on your way to school drop off, soccer practices, or dance classes!

If the New Year finds you needing to stay in motion, check out the ErgoErgo seating solution or the TOssits, while on the GO!  What are you waiting for, Get Moving!!