Evan Moss is a real life Hero!  But if you vote for him to win $10,000 from People magazine to help him aide in the purchase of seizure dogs for kids that can not afford them, you can make him a ‘Reader’s Choice Hero”!

After reading about Evan Moss, the remarkable 7 year old who wrote and illustrated the amazing book, “My Seizure Dog“, I was near tears. At 7, he raised enough money for his own $13,000 dog who can not only be with him when he seizes, but can alert others prior to a seizure happening.  His dog is being trained now! When he was done with that, he helped raise enough money for three more families to get aide in purchasing and training their dogs as well.

And now, with the win of the $10,000 prize from People, he can continue his efforts to make every child who suffers from seizures not only have a constant companion, but a life saving one, and a best friend.

Please, I beg of you, vote for Evan Moss to WIN the People’s Magazine ‘Reader’s Choice Hero’.

And if you want to help further, Evan’s book, My Seizure Dog is available on Amazon.com for only $10.

Evan wrote and illustrated his book as a way to share a little about his journey to the seicure dog committee.  He and his family thought is great enough to publish in order to afford the dogs.  Evan published his book through the CreateSafe Self Publishing platform.

Thank you in advance for sharing, retweeting, stumbling and any other form of getting this out there!