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School is back in session today. I just sent off all 3 girls for their first day at a new school. I worry – will they make friends? Will they get along with their teacher? Will they miss me? One thing I don’t have to worry about is the essential Back to School supplies.

5 Back to school essentials

While our school here purchases all the actual supplies like glue, pencils, notebooks and the such, there are still items I need to send for a successful school year.  I put together 5 items every kid going off to school can use, whether parents purchase them or the school does.


No school year is complete without a backpack – probably a given essential every parent knows. I try to find ones sturdy enough to last a couple years, while still letting the kids express some personality through it. Without a backpack kids will struggle carrying home books, homework, and other projects.


While not required by teachers, I got each of the kids their own notebook to take to school. If they have some extra time and want to doodle or write stories and notes, this gives them a place to do it that’s not on their school work. It’s almost like a journal for their school year. This is the first year I’ve bought a non-required notebook, so I’m pretty excited to see what they put inside.

Mabels Labels


Once again, like the notebook, a folder that’s not really school related helps keep “extras” from cluttering up the kids backpack. I found last year my girls were often bringing home pictures from friends, birthday invites, and other just random bits of non-school related papers. They liked to keep them all in their backpack though. Having an extra folder just for these papers I’m hoping will keep the backpacks in more order for my sanity.


Unless you plan on buying school lunch daily – which you could – a lunchbox is another one of those givens.  I personally love to send homemade lunches every day, and on special occasions let them get school lunch – like birthdays. Then there’s things like field trips where you may need to send home lunch as well. Having lunch boxes on hand is always a good idea with school aged kids. It’s also another way to let their personality shine.

Mabel’s Labels

With many things going to school, and coming home, having a way to label your child’s things is important. One thing I dread is the lost and found. Those piles at school, full of lost coats, gloves, hats, shoes….I don’t want to sift through that, and wonder if something might belong to one of my kids. Mabel’s Labels is a fantastic solution to this problem! One glance and teachers, friends, administrators and other caregivers will know automatically who it belongs to. The labels are machine washable, and microwave and dishwasher safe! My mother in law, a retired school teacher, happened to be visiting while I was prepping the backpacks for school and putting on labels. She picked one up and gave it a teacher once over. She fully approves of the durability!

Mabel's Labels are teacher approved

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