I am really starting to like Savemore.com!   They have some great stuff!

Like this deal released today:  Buy a $24 voucher to ROASTe for only $12!  That alone is a GREAT deal!  Even with the $4.95 flat shipping charge!

But, thanks to my fellow blogger, MyCouponLady.com, here is how you can get 2 bags of gourmet coffee for just $4.55!

1)  Sign up for Savemore.com and get an instant $10 credit that you can use when you purchase the ROASTe voucher!  You get 2 $5.00 credits and you can use them both, getting the $24 voucher for only $2.oo plus shipping!  WOW!!

2)  When you get your voucher, redeem it through ShopAtHome.com and you will get 6% cash back on your order!

3)  When on ROASTe to redeem your voucher, use only 1 vendor.  That way you are not charged shipping by 2 vendors.

4)  When on ROASTe, sign up for the VIP Club and save 10% instantly.  Now, in the VIP Club, you sign up to have coffee sent to you on a regular basis.  BUT, you can go in and cancel the auto send after this order has shipped!  Just tie a red ribbon on your finger to remember!  You are not obligated to buy extra shipments!

If you do the math, you’ll see that you can get 2 bags of Mahagony Roasters Alice Blend, for example, this way:

2 Bags of Coffee = $24.00

Less 10% (VIP Club) = $21.60

Shipping $4.95 = $26.55

Less $24 Voucher = $2.55

Plus,  the $2 to Savemore.com for the voucher = $4.55 total!

Existing Savemore.com members will pay $14.55 total.  Still a great price on 2 bags of quality coffee!

Thank you MyCouponLady.com!!

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