This is one of those times when you will need to hurry.  This giveaway ends at 2pm EDT.  That is just over an hour from now.  You can win a Beauty Bag from JDeal.  It may look a bit weird to ‘buy’ the deal for zero dollars….but no payment or payment information will be collected.  You don’t need to live in a specific area, but if you aren’t in an area with the deal, just change your location to Manhattan to see and “purchase” the deal.

HERE IS HOW:  OK guys – go to the link in the post above, choose to like the FB page and any of the pages listed. Go back to the site and click BUY! You will be taken to the purchase page and BUY the chance to win for $0.00! That is how they get your address! NO MONEY info will be collected and you will get a confirm email that you entered! I’ll go update the post!

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