I created this page so that you can find my recent motherhood posts without having to search through everything else!


6/27  How Do You Get Kids To Listen?

6/27 Why My Babysitters Never Come Back {Video}

6/27  My Oldest Child

6/27 Randall’s/ Safeway + Dairy Month = Picnic Fun!  #safewaydairy

6/25  We Went to Houston Gold Cup – Chevy Style

6/22  Appreciating The Dad & The Father

6/20 When Parenting Beats You Down

6/17 June is National Dairy Month

6/15 Underage Drinking:  What Would You Do

6/14 Blogging:  The Little I Think I Know

6/14 I LUV Colgate’s Building Smiles Tour

6/13 Can*A*Kid

6/12  Kroger & CoverGirl:  A Beautiful Pair

6/10  Get All You Magazine for .83 an Issue and Donate to Tornado Relief

6/10  Weekly Funny:  I Need A Drink

6/9 The Joys of Summertime?!

6/8 Stop the Sneeze:  Claritin Prevention Tips

6/7 Signs of Child Molestation in Children

6/5  Our Dessert & Picnic Evening!  #theicecreamsocial

6/4 How to Spot a Child Molester

6/1  10 Road Trip Family Safety Tips

6/1  My Big Fat Mommy Screw Up

5/30  Bedtime Ain’t for Sissies

5/26  When Did I Grow Up?

5/24  I Know I Have Too Many Kids When…

5/24 Women vs Women?

5/20 Just Call Me Crazy!

5/19 – What Do You Do All Day?

5/18 – True Crime?  A Caper in my Neighborhood?

5/15 When The Pee Hits The Floor

5/12  A Walk Down Pregnancy Lane

5/11  Botox Baby:  The 8 Year Old Botox Story

5/9 Lovable Labels BlogHer’ 11 Getaway Contest: So You Wanna Be A Mom?

5/6 How To Craft A Jewelry Box With Your Kids

5/6 Meet My Girls! Their 1st Vlog!

5/4 Iron Deficiency in {My} Children

5/3  Used To

5/2  HAHA!  *SNORT* Belly laughs Hysterical

5/1  Graduation: A Walk to a New Beginning

5/1  The Grocery Shop of Horrors

4/28  Why You Should Join Your Local Bloggers Group

4/28  A Woman Who Helped Me

4/28 I Don’t Think I Am A Kid Person

4/27  A Rock to the Head: My Concussion Fears

4/25  She’s Only 4!

4/25  A Bird in a Nest

4/21  Up In Arms

4/20  Kindergarten:  I Might Just Make It!

4/18  I Just Want To Talk

4/15  “You Have Joyful Children”

4/ 13  Classic Memories

4/12  Today is Tuesday

4/11   Why You Should Take Your House Back from Your Kids

4/7   My Mother’s Motherhood

4/6   Peeps And A Smile

4/6   Make A Little Difference

4/5   Why God Made Rocking Chairs

4/5   Running My Race

4/3   How I Answer My Kids Questions

3/31 “Hurry, Pretend Your A Mommy!”

3/30  A Happy Family Takes Attention

3/30  The Breast Feeding Baby Doll

3/30  Kroger’s New Coupon Policy:  The Truth

3/29  Social Media and Words That Hurt

3/28  Teen Pregnancy:  Is It Inevitable?

3/26  That’s MRS. Procrastinator to YOU!

3/24 I Can Only Do One Thing At A Time

3/23  WordPress Vs Blogger:  WordPress Wins

3/23  Complex Theories for the Simple Mom

3/22  Parenting Through Anger

3/21 How to Take Your Kids to a Carnival…  or Not…

3/21  Money Matters:  Stop The Bleeding

3/18  Japan, Charlie Sheen, and A Mom

3/17  Then Came Me

3/15 There Are Good Days Too

3/14  She’s My Window

3/10  Notice:  Inadequacies Ahead