Q&A: How to Attend a Twitter Party

If you have a Twitter account there are two things you can benefit from!  Following me {LOL}, first of all and second, Twitter parties! A Twitter Party is an amazing way to connect with other Twitter users. Because I both host and attend so many, I am always a little surprised when people are confused as [...]

2016-05-11T15:36:48-05:00By |Raising Daughters|3 Comments

Social Media and Words That Hurt

It's funny.  I watch the news and I see kids committing suicide over posts on FaceBook and words typed in black and white on a screen and I use to think, 'You do not know the emotion behind them nor the intention in the post, so just take a deep breath and shake it off'. [...]

2011-03-30T10:41:57-05:00By |Guest Posts|17 Comments
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