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Why There is Freedom in Motherhood

I have heard it and said it. 'Mother's get no time to themselves." and "A mother's work is never done." And yes, it is fact. I, personally, feel like I am 'On-Duty" from 6am most mornings to 12pm at night. And sometimes overnight as well. Now, my children are not up those long hours.  They [...]

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Challenge Accepted: Bring It On Kids!

My children are professional children.   I am an amateur - yet motivated - mother.  To say that the head butting in this house makes Elks look like they are giving love taps is more in line with the truth than anything else.  And we are all girls. Recently I have been dealing with the [...]

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Mom Under Construction

We all have things about us that make us a good mom.  And then we have things about us that we wish were better.  And we all have a flaw or two that others are quick to point out but really  - if we are honest - we see too. But, if most moms are [...]

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