How to Attend a Twitter Party

It’s the Most Cat-tacular Event of the Season! You’re invited to a #RespectYourCat Twitter Party on March 28

**This conversation is sponsored. All opinions are my own.** #RespectYourCat ad RSVP HERE RSVP ON FACEBOOK TOO Years ago, like in my 20’s, I had two cats named Joey and Andy. They were so awesome and perfect for my life as an apartment dweller. There was nothing sweeter than coming home from school and having them [...]

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Q&A: How to Attend a Twitter Party

If you have a Twitter account there are two things you can benefit from!  Following me {LOL}, first of all and second, Twitter parties! A Twitter Party is an amazing way to connect with other Twitter users. Because I both host and attend so many, I am always a little surprised when people are confused as [...]

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