Finding Nemo in 3D

Nemo in 3D Makes a Splash with the US Olympic Team

I am so excited about Finding Nemo in 3D returning to theaters September 14, 2012!  Following the film is the release on DVD and Blu Ray December 4, 2012!  But he is making some rounds before that too! On Thursday, July 12th, Disney•Pixar held an advance private screening of FINDING NEMO 3D for the U.S Olympic Swim Team in [...]

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The Finding Nemo in 3D Trailer is Here

Finding Nemo in 3D is swimming into theaters September 14, 2012!  We can not WAIT! And to add to our excitement, the new trailer is out and just brings back great memories of watching the movie over and over again with our kids!  Check out the DVD packages what will be available in December of [...]

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