An Open Letter to Brandi Glanville on Mom vs. Stepmom

For you, Brandi Glanville, and all other women in our position, trying to figure it out. There is a lot written about relationships in Hollywood. Because people put themselves out there, they are fodder for intense judgement, opinions and hateful comments. I never feel sorry for stars, like, ever. Because it comes with the territory. [...]

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What to Do When You Miss Your Kids

Today it is really hitting me that I am in this house that is usually filled with laughter, play and the usual little one fights, alone for another 13 days.  Sure, I have things planned for me and I will see my girls tonight and Thursday night for dinner.  But this side effect of divorce [...]

2016-05-11T15:35:59-05:00By |Raising Daughters|5 Comments

Divorce and Debt: Can You Make it Work?

No, this blog is not turning into a 'divorce' blog, I promise.  But someone asked me the other day how I was ever going to manage my debt that I had left from the divorce and my mortgage, three kids, and everything else I have to pay for.  She scared me a little and I [...]

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