Raising Daughters

Raising daughters is fun, challenging and the most amazing part of my life. As a single mom, my daughters need a strong, reliable roll model. As a mom, I need support, love and understanding. Parenting in general is better with usable parenting tips, parenting advice and a supportive friend along the way. ADayinMotherhood.com aims to be that friend! My posts offer honest and real life struggles and celebrations that surround motherhood!

Braces, Teeth Extractions and Other Joys of Motherhood I Am Not Smiling About

I stood in the room holding my daughter's hands as the dentist took his long, menacing needle and injected medication into her delicate, juvenile gums. Tears were escaping her beautiful blue eyes. Moans of pain and fear and anxiety came out in a muffled whimper that I am sure I will never forget. All in [...]

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