WIN ‘The Smurfs’ 3-Disc Holiday Gift Pack (5 WINNERS) & The Smurfs Invade Houston

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This is a Continental US Giveaway BUT first things first!

If you live in Houston and the surrounding areas, you can MEET THE SMURFS up close and personal in three visits to Houston next weekend, December 10th and 11th, 2011!

You can read my review of The Smurfs and see why every house should have this movie!

The locations and times are:

Saturday, December 10, 2011 from 11am  – 2pm at the Walmart on Post Oak Blvd (store 2718)!

9555 Post Oak Blvd
Houston, TX 77096
(713) 551-9148

Saturday, December 10, 2011 from 4pm – 7pm at the Walmart on 1960W(store 3297)!

12353 FM 1960 W
Houston, TX  77065

Sunday, December 11, 2011 from 12pm – 3pm at the Walmart on the Sam Houston Tollway (store 3500)!

5655 E Sam Houston Pkwy N
Houston, TX  77015
(713) 450-2222

Let your kids get up close and personal and shake hands with their (really your) favorite character from the smash movie, The Smurfs!  And while there, pick up a Holiday Gift Pack of The Smurfs on DVD!

The Smurfs™ , one of the hottest movies of the season, now comes in a 3-Disc Holiday Blue Ray and DVD Gift Set that includes an ALL-NEW Mini-movie, The Smurfs: A Christmas Carol!  The Smurfs Blue Ray is also loaded with bonus features as well as “Smurf-o -Vision”, which allows you to interact and play games on your iPad while watching the movie on your TV!  And it has ULTRAVIOLET™ which lets you instantly stream or download the film!

Want one?

Pick one up at your Local Walmart or Walmart Online!

You can also get The Smurfs with the Christmas Carol Short for ONLY $19.99 with FREE Prime Shipping (save $21.00)!

AND, thanks to the fantastic people in ‘Smurfville’, you can enter to WIN 1 of 5 The Smurfs Movie Holiday Gift Packs!

Just Click [continue reading] for easy Rafflecopter Entry – 


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  1. Clumsy…. self explainatory.

  2. Leannemacg says:

    Smurfette BC she’s girly
    Leannemacg at gmail.com

  3. Right now, clumsy (I’m almost 8 months pregnant).

  4. Barbara Mayes says:

    I am most like Brainy Smurf, because I’m a Geek! LOL!!

  5. julie cutshaw says:

    I think I’m most like papa smurf, always giving elderly advice, lol
    sewitupjulie at gmail dot com

  6. Heidy Champagne says:

    smurfet, cause I’m a girl….lol  :)

  7. Clumsy—- all my life :-/  LOL

  8. madonna frydrych says:

    clumsy and papa smurf are my fav 

  9. Clumsy is me all the way :)

  10. Tabathia B says:

    papa smurf because I run the show

  11. Gina Taylor says:

    Smurfette :) I dont know but shes my fav!

  12. I am most like grumpy, because when I get in a bad mood I am grumpy all day.

  13. Smurfette bc she is so girly and funny and i like to make people laugh

  14. Clumsy for sure-always tripping!

  15. cieraorent says:

    Smurfet because shes so girly :)

  16. Christian nunez says:

    Call me clumsy!

  17. I am probably most like Papa Smurf as I like to think I am always in charge and run everything..LOL

  18. Papa Smurf. I’m calm when others are not.

  19. Jennifer Boehme says:

    Sleepy! Because I suddenly feel sleepy everyday at any given time!

  20. i love smurfette because i’m a grl :-)

  21. im like smurfette of course! because im caring and nice just like her 

  22. Growing up I was definitely smurfette! My friends were all male and I was the only female.

  23. Sleepy because I do like my naps…

  24. clumsy smurf-I have two left feet!

  25. currently a cross between Grouchy and Sleepy. Better make some coffee!

  26. Smurfette, because she’s the only girl. =)

  27. smurfette. she is cute

  28. Smurfette – I’m the only girl in a houseful of boys :)

  29. Heather Avery says:

    I like Clumsy :D

    He’s just toooooo funny!

  30. Regina Trobee says:

    I agree with Andrea – Smurfette – Even the animals are male. I am highly outnumbered..lol

  31. Smurfette because I’m a girl!

  32. Debbie jackson says:

    papsmurf cuz i’m wise

  33. papa smurf because he is smart

  34. Krystal Ramirez says:

    Smurfette because she is the girliest!!! :)

  35. Paula Lee says:

    Is there a grumpy??

  36. Sylvia white says:

    I guess Smurffette because I am all girl Sy.com

  37. Luckyladybug67 says:

    i think  i’m a little  like all the  smurfs at some  point  but i  love  clumsy in the  movie :)

  38. I am alot like papa smurf bc i would do anything to protect my family.

  39. Jenk73005 says:

    I can not wait to see this movie. I LOVE the smurfs!!!!

  40. I’m like smurfette….

  41. Angelea Ulvi says:

    My little girl LOVES the Smurfs!

  42. Smurfette- she’s the only girl!! LOL!

  43. Jeana O'donnell-Murphy says:

    Cross betweem Papa Smurf, Handy smurf. Smurfette because I share those quallities that they have

  44. Papa Smurf since he takes care of the others.

  45. I am definately most like Brainy Smurf, being the smarta** that everyone says I am….can’t help it I have had a 4.0gpa for the past year of college lol

  46. smurfette she is cute

  47. Crichards199 says:

    I like all of them they are so cute

  48. Heather Bridson says:

    I am most like hefty.. I’m usually the one to help everyone

  49. Hannah Chandler says:

    The smurfs were so cute. http://Infertilitywarriors.blogspot.com

  50. Cari Schroeder says:

    Smurfette! Adorable!

  51. Mindy Koenig says:

    I am like clumsy, always the under dog.

  52. Colleen Hallisey says:

    Today I’m like Lazy smurf….because I’m sick and all I want to do is sleep!

  53. Cocoadiva says:

    Papa Smurf, always the leader, and go to person whenever theres a problem :)

  54. Mschrystee says:

    Papa smurf..protector and logical!

  55. Mindyschooling says:

    today I am baker smurf b/c I am making cookies and handmade ornaments with my kiddos:)

  56. Mwright0622 says:

    Clumsy smurf. I’m always tripping over my own feet. lol

  57. Smurfette, She’s has beautiful long hair, (like me) And takes care everyone around her.

  58. Smurfette!

  59. Cardella23 says:

    Papa Smurf

  60. Showmom2009 says:

    Smurfette of course…Adorable, smart, and lovable : )

  61. Lauren Aegerter says:

     i love the smurfs and its crazy to think i used to watch them and now I’m watching them with my 2 year old daughter she has all the figurines!!!

  62. Smurfette!

  63. I love the Smurfs…can’t wait to see this..hope I win

  64. Smurfette <3

  65. Sweetp000 says:

    female version of papa smurf lol

  66. My favorite is snurfette. I can’t wait to see this movie.

  67. Sweet! The Smurfs rock and I am glad they came back out of hiding :)

  68. Nicole McDonald says:

    probably smurfette, since she’s the only female.

  69. Clumsy.

  70. Kim Canning says:

    Most like smurfette…stubborn, and witty…lol

  71. Ndkzavelino says:

    I am more like Smurfette because she is so worried like a mom more than the other smurfs.

  72. Love Smurfs!

  73. Rebecca C says:

    Smurfette :)


  75. Laurenlittle826 says:


  76. tyandlaynesmom says:

    I’m going with Smurfette because she’s female and the caretaker of the bunch!:)

  77. I don’t know who I’m most like, but my new favorite Smurf is Neil Patrick Harris — ha!

  78. Sharon I. says:

    Smurfette because she had looks and intelligence.

  79. Smurfette because she is the sweet one

  80. love surfette

  81. i think i am most like grumpy, i like to pretend i don’t care but deep down i am a big softy! lol  


  82. I’m like a combination of all of them. I’m so glad they have made a comeback!!

  83. sockpuppet says:

    Um some people on here have the Smurfs confused with Snow White’s Dwarves LOL   I am most like Grouchy. 

  84. Can I create my own and be like Papa Smurf but only I’d be Mama Smurf?

  85. I guess I’m most like Smurfette since I’m a girl

  86. I’m like Smurfette, because I’m smart and cute.  :)

  87. I am Smurfette ofcourse! She is only the coolest Smurf so that is why she would be the one.

  88. DesiRae Zabel says:

    I’m Smurfette mixed with Brainey smurf….My 3 sisters have called me Braineyett my whole life cause i was always telling Papa smurf aka the parents on every move! Loves

  89. I’m most like Smurfette because she’s girly!

  90. I’m definitely like Smurfette because she’s girly AND sassy!


  91. I’m most like Smurfette since I’m a girl

  92. Like Smufette she is really girly just like me.

  93. I’ve always loved Smurfette…used to watch this all the time as a kid!!

  94. would love this

  95. Talkativemom2four says:

    I would say I am a Smurfette. Really girly. Loved this show when I was a kid.

  96. Well i am a mix of Smurfette, Baker Smurf and Dreamy Smurf.. :) Well Smurfette because she is the mother figure, Baker Smurf because i love to bake and Dreamy because i love to dream about so many things.. :)

  97. Maria Long says:

    I would say Smurfette, they r all  cute..:)

  98. Landens_mom04 says:

    I have always had a lot in common with Smurfette I thought, she was very kind and loving and mother like

  99. Mrsnorland says:

    Smurfette!  She is the kind, caring, and motherly one. 

  100. Melinda M stevens says:

    Type your comment here smurfette

  101. Baby_girl_kim_83 says:

    Smurfette, motherly caring. but could also be like clumsy. i can be clumsy sometimes alright alot lol

  102. I think I’m most like Papa Smurf.  I like to be the boss :)

  103. Dwaller75 says:

    Definitely Smurfette……she’s the smurfiest!!

  104. Allisonking77 says:

    We just watched this movie today and my son loved it!

  105. Lilnursejen says:


  106. baker smurf! love to make things :D

  107. Cher Kilgore says:

    Defiantly Papa Smurf.. I[‘m the boss :)


  109. Sugarfrizzle says:

    Papa Smurf…I have kids : )

  110. Heathercorral says:

    Smurfette is my favorite…simply because she was my fav as a child!

  111. Baker Smurf!! =)

  112. Jul4_1990 says:

    Smurfette was always my favorite as a kid.  Now my kids love watching them too.

  113. Jeri Young says:

    I’m probably the most like Brainy! :) 

  114. Probably Jokey (that is his name, right? lol) because I just can’t help myself from pulling practical jokes :)

  115. I relate the most to Clumsy, which he turns out to be the hero in the movie, so not a bad thing ;)  lol

  116. I was such a smurf fan when I was a kid and I would love to share them with my kids now.  

  117. Smurfette hisprincess886 at yahoo dot com

  118. Kathy Schoenherr says:

    Papa Smurf since I tend to organzine people and things.

  119. Michelle Stice says:

    Smurfette I am the lady of the house

  120. Smurfette for sure! She is such a DIVA!

  121. C_shann981 says:

    Brainy…my nose is always in a book :]

  122. Tina Bartunek says:

    Smurfette…only lady in the house.

  123. def like Clumsy! I totally am a Clutz :)

  124. Brainy I am always reading about something.

  125. I am like Smurfette because I am nice and caring.

  126. just love Smurfette

  127. I’m probably more like Clumsy because i’m constantly dropping and tripping over things!

  128. Saralovesjenforever says:

    I’m most like Smurfette. Small and adorable!(:

  129. Smurfette cause i am sassydollhousecreation(at)gmail(dot)com

  130. Im like Smurfette!

  131. Probably most like Papa Smurf because I like to be the one in control!

  132. Leslie Guenther says:

    Papa Smurf. I like everything to be done my way.

  133. definately Clumsy- total clutz here

  134. Papa Smurf. I like to have things done my way and in my house, I’m in charge :)

  135. Jessicavoils says:

    Im going to say little of all of them i think i have a little of the traits of all the smurfs

  136. qqladybee272 says:

    I think I am a mixture of several but have a strong Clumsy trait! :) 

  137. Smurfette cause I’m a girl hehe.

  138. Brainy for sure-I already have the glasses:)

  139. Laura Holmes says:

    I am most like Smurfette!  Sweet and sensitive, until I need to be strong!

  140. Cinderella10383 says:

    I am most like smurfette because I am girly and get along with mostly guys and if you notice she is one of the only 2 girls in the smurfs. I love dressing up and caring for people same as she does 

  141. Papa Smurf because I have to keep the family organized. Thank you

  142. Definitely Smurfette

  143. hmm…probably Brainy…I always have a my nose in a book :)

  144. I like to think im most like Papa Smurf. Have that calm about myself and, like that he is the go to person.

  145. clumsy lol my phone went swimming yesterday enough said lol

  146. Kandiekisses345 says:

    papa smurf

  147. Tiffany Dobratz says:

    Im a mixtureof them all isnt almost every mother/wife! :)

  148. Nickida Stephens says:

    Shared you on Google+ also.

  149. Amanda king says:

    Smurfette because im girly like that

  150. Nickida Stephens says:

    I love Smurfette of course because I’m a girl.  My kids love Gargamel because he said “You stupid cat”

  151. I am most like chef cook smurf I love to cook for people

  152. Tatha Riley says:

    Smurfette as she is female and watches over the other Smurfs

  153. Tibinall97 says:

    I love smurfette cause I am a girl and have blonde hair.

  154. Melanie Briggs says:

    Probably clumsy as I am a very clumsy person.

  155. Amanda Hammock says:

    Oh my, is it wrong that I actually went, Ummm that’s a really good question! Hahaha I wish I could say Smurfette, but I think in honesty it would be Papa, mostly because when things are up in the air or something needs to be done, I’m the one everyone runs to. Which isn’t bad! I get a nifty red hat!

    What a great question. I think I’m going to rent it and make everyone watch it and then ask them who they think each other are!

  156. weakling smurf, i totally suck at sports too!!!!

  157. Redrosezeug says:

    i think dreamy smurf because my mind is always on other things or places..with kids its hard sometimes that is the only way to get away .. in your day dreams…lol

  158. Elena Smith says:

    Papa Smurf, but I would be the female version:)

  159. Donna Kay LeMmons says:

    I am clumsy smurf.. I injure myself daily- today I hit my thumb in the door and busted the nail deep, not good when my arm is casted from fingers to shoulder!! Thanks for the chance to win- Donna Kay LeMmons

  160. Sarah Desilets Littlefield says:

    I think i am most like smurfett because she is the only girl in the group. Lol

  161. Hounddogsgirlpq says:

    clumsy smurf def lol

  162. Tina Gregory says:

    Smurfette; She was the only girl who had to put up with all of those men. :)

  163. heather smith says:

    i am smurfette becuase we are both girls

  164. mary fagans says:

    Clumsy because Im always doing something clumsy!!

  165. Briannabeers says:

    Smurfette and I both love the color pink!

  166. Smurfette. She is spunky, helpful, and fun. 

  167. clumsy i am forever breaking things

  168. Smurfette… cause I am girly like that!! :)

  169. Papa Smurf because I take care of others

  170. I loved watching the Smurfs when I was a kid but haven’t seen the new one yet!

  171. Clumsy – Vote most likely to fall at graduation!  

  172. angela dupree says:

    Papa Smurf because I was born to take care of everything and everybody. 

  173. Would love to win this. Throwing a crowdtap smurf party tomorrow! thanks

  174. Smurfette because girls rule!

  175. Karen Smith says:

    I love the Smurfs!!! Thanks for the chance!!!

  176. Bonnie Rodriguez says:

    smurfette cuz us girls has to stick together! :)

    Bonnie Rodriguez

  177. I would be chef smurf.  I am not a chef, but I am an amazing cook and I truly enjoy it.  Making cakes is a pleasure for me.

  178. papa smurf, just like him

  179. natalie horschel says:

    Baker smurf because I love to cook and bake!

  180. Tammy dodson says:


  181. Marin Mandrick says:

    Papa smurf I am always te run to person when someone needs something

  182. Mallory_castille says:

    Smurfette because she  is so cute

  183. Clumsy Smurf because he and I are so similar lol

  184. Sherry Fowler says:


  185. Beverly Youngblood says:

    Sometimes I think I am like all of them LOL But would chose Smurfette

  186. Tbarnaby07 says:

    Smurfette because she is the only girl and so am I in my family…=)

  187. Shannon Wieneke says:

     Smurfette. :) Because shes fun!

  188. Brenda Webb says:

    Smurfette – only girl!!

  189. Noblecheryl says:

    Oh, man I remember when they first came out in the 80’s. I used to collect all of them. Still have alot of my original smurfs. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  190. Jennifer V. says:

    Gotta choose Smurfette

  191. Amanda Harris says:

    Clumsy bc I have two left feet!

  192. Dori Kempker says:


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