Why My Babysitters Never Come Back! {Video}

I have decided to share our lunchtime {or breakfast time, or dinner time, or awake time} ritual with you!

And then we can all stop wondering why my babysitters don’t come back!  ;D


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  1. Rachel says

    Ahhh thats not so bad! Then again I do have four brothers and a sister I grew up in a zoo!! If I were your babysitter I would just wear ear muffs and encourage the silent game!!

  2. Anonymous says

    WOW  that is talent!  I could never live with that, but i live in basement suites and apartments so I would literally get noise complaints from that… i already get them with just the kids running in the house, its rough!!

    look at it this way, you know if their in trouble you will hear them lol; plus they’ll clean house at chuckie cheese bday parties lol!!!

  3. Marta says

    This is so cute! I loved the part where Sarah tries to shake her hair just like Katie. So cute. And you can see Megan is the leader! So funny. Thanks for sharing.

    • Anonymous says

      LOL Marta!! Thank you! You have the names a tad off thought :) Katie is
      the oldest, Megan is the baby! And it IS hysterical -the mimicing!

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