The PeeKeeper Product Review

There is nothing more that breaks my heart than seeing a perfectly good, sweet faced dog in a shelter.  Locked in a cage, once chosen to be a loved pet, now banished because of typical dog behavior.  Wetting in the house, chewing, marking, etc.

I’ll do just about anything to help new puppy owners, people with pets in heat, homes where male dogs mark, or families that have a dog who leaks when they are excited, learn about products on the market that will help save their precious pooch from the dog shelter or a permanent home outside alone!

And I have to tell you, my favorite NEW product to aid in making puppy and family happier is PeeKeeper: The Escape –  Proof Dog Diaper!

This thing is so wonderful!  The only harnessed dog diaper on the market, it easily wraps around your dogs “privates”, harnesses over their shoulders and is the perfect design to keep it where you put it! (check out some great photos here!)

Unlike pee pee pads that get dragged around and are unsanitary – especially with curious kids (learned that lesson the hard way!) and diapers that just go over the tail of the dog which are easily removed, either by rubbing or by other dogs, the PeeKeeper stays securely in place with it’s innovative design!  And because it is made of a soft, easily movable cotton flannel or cotton denim, you do not have to worry about your dog getting hot!  In fact, the amazing creator and designer, Lisa, even thought of that!

Instead of a hot, plastic liner, the PeeKeeper uses easily affordable, removable pads from your local grocer or drug store to “catch the pee”.  You simply insert the pad, wrap the PeeKeeper around your pup and change it out when needed!  So much easier and cheaper than traditional dog diapers!

You guys know that I have 2 dogs now and that my 3rd, older, sweet pup passed just a few weeks ago.  She was having major issues with incontinence and leaking and I really wish I had had this product for her in the last 6 months of her life.  I know it pained her to have to get up and go so often and the PeeKeeper would have let her rest comfortably if she wanted to.   And it would have been so easy for me to just change out the pads and eliminate the extra work of removing urine from my rugs.

Now, this thing will work great on my 7 year old dog, Bud, when the time comes.  But a more pressing issue presented itself recently so I grabbed my PeeKeeper and went to help!

My neighbor has the sweetest little dog named Maggie.   She is a little terrier mix mutt, just like my Bud, and was also a found rescue, like my Bud and my Lab, Lexi.  She is the cutest little ugly thing you have ever seen and is as sweet as can be.  Don’t tell my neighbor, but sometimes, I let her come over and play!

Anyway, Maggie is not fixed.  So her owners have been worried about a parade of neighborhood dogs coming down our street when she goes into heat.  They just had a bulldog in heat and it was not pretty.   There has even been some talk of getting rid of her before the heat.  Even though they do not really want to.

So I asked them if they would try the PeeKeeper when the time came.   And they were visibly relieved!  So the pictures in this post are little Maggie wearing my borrowed PeeKeeper!   Because of the adjustable harness, it fit her just fine!

After nervously standing in it for a few minutes, Katie telling her how pretty she looked, and her realizing she was not being restrained, she started walking.  Just like a dog wearing a harness to go on a walk.  No big deal!

I know that if this country dog will wear the PeeKeeper, move around in it, and not be bothered, so will any pooch out there!  And my neighbors are now happy to have a solution to getting rid of the dog before her heat!  And since the PeeKeeper is machine washable, I’ll get it back for Bud in mint condition!

I beg you… I really do.  If you have a new puppy, an older dog,  an unfixed male or female, a dog who is in the house all day and prone to wetting, or any other issues with your dogs relief habits that are causing you to even remotely think of getting rid of him or her, PLEASE try the PeeKeeper first!

Priced very reasonable at $36.99 for a lifetime, durable, product, it could save both your floors and your dog!

It is that easy!!!

5 Stars from me for the affordable, high quality, ingenious PeeKeeper!

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  1. Erikka says

    WOW just recieved the peekeeper and all I can say is what a waste of money!!!!! THere is no place to “insert” a pad!!! Guess you get what you pay for nothing but a cheap piece of fabric!!

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