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  1. Anthony Langhorne says

    I live in a old town not to many opportunities and alot of racism. All i want to do is take care of my mother because im tired of seeing her struggle and one day let my family see the world because they never been anywhere. I never been the luckiest person but im blessed because people go through worse and i seen alot,and i know things dont usually come easy you have to work for it but a friend told me to give PCH a try so that’s what im doing.

  2. says

    I would love to win, I have never though about entering until being diagnosed with cancer, Now I would love to see my new grandkids, be able to have a place where we all could be together! Further help my grandson how has ADHD, MY niece bild her school for young adults who are disabled. So that they can live on their own! So many things I want for my family and for those who need!
    Thank You for this chanse to help! !!


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