Mulan & Mulan II on Blu-Ray Combo Pack DVD Review & Giveaway *Expired*

Fifteen years ago, a film hit theaters that enthralled audiences of all ages.  Mulan and her trusty sidekick, Mushu, brought to life courage, strength and friendship in a Disney Princess like no other.

mulan and mulan II

The 15th Anniversary Edition of Mulan and Mulan II on Blu-ray Combo Pack will be released online and on shelves March 12, 2013!  And I am SO excited to introduce my girls to the princess who bucked tradition and joined the Imperial Army!  Plus, who could not love her trusty sidekick, Mushu?

Now I admit, I might be a tad more excited about this movie coming out than the regular mom.  But if the Director and his twin brother, Tony and Tom Bancroft drew you an original, one of a kind drawing of Mushu and Khan, the dragon and the cricket that join Mulan as she embarks on her journey of courage, you might be a little excited too!  Not biased… but flippin’ excited!

Mulan & Mulan II Blu-Ray Combo Packs #DisneyOzEvent

The amazing story is inspiring and a wonderful, uplifting message for little girls everywhere.  Mulan is a brave girl trying to find herself in the confines of tradition and family rules.  She is not your normal Disney Princess… she wears pants and shirts, gets dirty in the fields and refuses to ride her horse side saddle.  But as she is pressured by family to become the proper princess, she fights to stay true to herself and still honor her family values.

My girls and I curled up to see this movie the other night and were so thrilled with it!

Mulan II is a continuance of the stellar performances in Mulan.  Now engaged to Shang, they journey together to a far away city to save their empire.  The same colorful, hysterical, lovable characters drive this movie to a family favorite and helps complete your Mulan story.

Preoder your 2 Disc Blu-Ray Combo Pack NOW on Amazon or mark your calendars for March 12, 2013 to pick it up on stores!  I know you’ll love it as much as we do!

And because every little one, and mom and dad, should enjoy this movie, (1) of my readers will WIN their own Blu-Ray Combo Pack!  Just enter below and GOOD LUCK!

Giveaway Ends March 14, 2013 at 11:59pm EST

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  1. Caron B says

    I’ve only seen parts of Mulan. My daughter really like Mulan. I don’ think she has seen Mulan II

  2. Danielle says

    I’ve sen the original but not the sequel, can’t wait to see if it’s just as good as the 1st :3

  3. Krista Grandstaff says

    I have seen Mulan, but not the second one…I’d love the chance to check it out with my kiddos… :)

  4. Brenda Brown says

    I have only seen the first one.. I was YOUNG LOL. I am looking forward to watching them both with my oldest.

  5. Jen says

    I have seen Mulan (love), but I have never seen Mulan 2. My daughter recently saw Mulan on TV, she loved it and I am sure she’d love #2 as well!

  6. Jennifer Holovack says

    I have seen the first and loved it! I have not seen the second one so I look forward to movie night with the kids :)

  7. says

    have not seen it. Looking forward to spending cuddling time with the children while watching it

  8. Kathy Lane says

    I have seen the first one,and would love to see the second one.I always enjoy watching any of the Disney movies with my grandkids.


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