“Hurry, Pretend Your A Mommy!”

I just had to come share this jewel with you guys!

This morning has found me ignoring my household chores once again and running and playing with my children outside!

I came in, escaping with the excuse that I needed time to fold the – many – loads of laundry sitting on the couch.  The girls protested but, eventually, I made my getaway!

I can hear them laughing and playing outside and thought, no matter how bad things get sometimes, they always make me smile!

Just them I heard them running toward the garage full speed ahead!

I hear Katie scream, at the top of her lungs:

“HURRY, pretend your a Mommy and HIDE!”

I can not stop laughing…  I guess I “hide” and beg off for chores a little too often!


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  1. says

    ROFL!! once I said to my eldest “sorry sweety mommy has to finish up here and then do the dishes.” and his response was “OOOH mommy cooome ooon!” as if he knew I wasn’t going to do any cleaning lol!!

  2. says

    Found you on fab friends thursday blog hop. I’m following you now. Your blog looks really cute.
    My kids do the same thing and notice when I’m only partially paying attention, like right now my daughter is trying to show me something and I am on the computer. She keeps saying, “Mommy? Are you looking?”

    • says

      Oh I get that all the time! Even though I try to only blog at night, I still get hounded if I dare sit down during the day! Welcome – I am headed to see you!

  3. says

    Love it! So funny. I do that too. I sneak away from my kids rather than tell them that I need to go do mommy stuff. They usually find me though, only minutes later.

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