*HOT* Two FREE LeapPad App Codes – Save $15

Use the below codes to get 2 FREE apps and save $15 through your LeapFrog Connect account for your LeapPad!  You HAVE to use the REDEEM CODE button on the LeapFrog Connect home page (look for the yellow box on the lower left).  If you try to put the apps in your card and redeem, it will not let you!

Alphabet Stew – Regular Price $7.50 – FREE with Code  5813-0790-4610-4973

The Book of Super Awesome Stuff – Regular Price $7.50 with Code 5813-1140-1518-1413

We love our LeapPad and I am constantly searching for more in stock for you guys!  You can get your LeapPad on Amazon!

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    • Anonymous says

      I downloaded it this morning and it worked! Its sitting in my file for download! :)

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  1. Rachie K says

    Yay! Thank you! My son got Alphabet Stew free last Christmas when we bought him the LeapPad but now he has The Book of Super Awesome Stuff, too. :-)

  2. Amanda says

    I tried to search for the book of super awesome stuff and it wasn’t found, also the alphabet stew code didn’t work for me :(

  3. says

    I did the alphabet stew before Christmas and it worked but not the other, got those codes off retail me not. However I just tried the super awesome stuff one and it worked!

  4. Jocie's mommy says

    Thank you! They both worked for me! :) Great starter, I just surprised my 4 year old last night Awesome!

  5. Paige says

    Both worked for me as of 1/19/13, thank you so much. I couldn’t find the Awesome book by searching, but if you just put in the Redeem Code it downloads! Thanks again!!

  6. Christy Brown says

    both worked on 4/19/13- follow the instructions she wrote by clicking redeem code- NOT adding to cart and trying to add code there at checkout

  7. heartprivacy says

    The Book of Super Awesome Stuff doesn’t seem to be available anymore, but the code still works on Alphabet Stew! Thanks!

  8. Michelle says

    Both worked 9/2/2013. Just go to your account and redeem them there. Don’t have to put the titles into the cart. It downloads automatically. Awesome codes. My children love apps!

  9. ro says

    My son just received LeapPad 3 yesterday for his birthday. These codes are still valid! That is awesome! I downloaded both! Thank you!

  10. Erica Patrick says

    I just bought my granddaughter a LeapPad 2, and I got BOTH of the apps…FREE!!! Thank You!!!! Now I’m trying to figure out where to go on the site and find the rewards for the pet game…


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