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Raise your hand if you have done your Spring Cleaning!

Yea – my hand is down too!

In all reality, I need to spring clean.  If not for anything else, then to remove all of the allergens and toxins that filter thorugh our trees into our house!  If I did it right, I’d use a Melie Vaccuum Cleaner.  They can suck all of the allergens and dustmites out of my house with minimum effort on my part!

Until I am lucky enough to get one, I’ll spring clean the old fashioned way.  By procrastination until I can not see the furniture for all of the allergens!

Until I get there, why not give you guys something to help you along in your spring cleaning!  A $50 Visa Gift Card from Zadoozy.com!

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  1. StephanieMBriggs says

    I would spend the $50 on my son. He is 17 months old, and it would be nice to get him some toys for outside. We have not played much outside yet, since we live in Colorado, but weather is improving! time to get out there!

  2. Crystal Young says

    Crystal Young
    If I win this great giveaway.I would get some new summer clothes,earrings and I would get something for my two sons.

  3. Bexx85 says

    I’d love to spend it on some new nursing tops for me. Turns out I didn’t save any from the last baby. oops!

  4. michael mayhew says

    I would use it to take my wife out for dinner.We haven’t been out alone for awhile so I hope to win!

  5. says

    I’d buy my daughter some new clothes since she’s in dire need of some seeing as how she can’t fit any of the clothes she has now.

  6. AFL says

    I would probably put it toward the crib we’re looking at for our son. Or various repairs around our house.

  7. Katy A says

    My husband and I are going to Lehman’s and I would love to spend the card there…to get a grain mill to make my own flour! :)
    Katy M. A. 

  8. Lisajade21 says

    I would use it to surprise my husband with a date night. Since i don’t work we don’t go out ever!

  9. Jennifer Reynolds says

    I would give it to my wonderful mother from my 3 children for mother’s day! I don’t know what I would do without her help :-)

  10. Pen4dav143 says

    Tried to follow @mamatomjr and this is what it keeps saying.  
    Not FoundThe user you requested was not found
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  11. Mary Glover says

    I would buy my daughter clothes for her graduation ceremony & a few things for vacation before she goes into the Army.


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