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The Enchanted Slumber 100% Organic Sleeper is high quality and beautiful! ad

Granted, my kids are not in preschool anymore and nap time went away years ago. But I remember the days of searching stores for better options for my kids who rolled out the mats and slept on the floor in their preschool classrooms. Aside from the plastic mats, which I really did not think looked all that comfortable, the mom who wanted something unique, beautiful and totally organic for her children was just not out there. I wish to goodness Enchanted Slumber’s All-In-One Organic Sleeper had been around at that time.

Megan loves her Enchanted Slumber All in One Sleeper. ad

First of all, I have to tell you how amazingly cute these are! My daughter, Megan, is a horse fanatic. SO she was THRILLED to receive the Wild Horses All In One Sleeper! The material is super soft and much thicker than I anticipates. This is no thin mat on the floor making it hard to rest item. This is super high quality, beautifully made, will last through multiple kids for many years, sleeper. With the faint aroma of Lavender filling the air from the buckwheat pillow, Megan opened it up and has been ‘napping’ on it since!

The Buckwheat pillow has lavender built in - Enchanted Slumber thought of everything. ad

Now to the basics. An all in one sleeper is a padded mat that includes the blanket and pillow sewn in, hence, all in one! I love these and all of my kids had one in preschool. Only one made it through the year without tearing or falling apart. It was one I found in a boutique shop that is not even open anymore. So finding Enchanted Slumber’s website is a win for me! Not just because they are beautiful and will clearly last, but because these mats are organic too!

The unique patterns stand out with Enchanted Slumber Sleepers. ad

These portable sleeping bags are made from 100% organic cotton and provide a safe, non-toxic solution for school nap time, sleepovers and any cozy adventure. The sleeper easily unfolds including a quilted pad, blanket covering and lavender scented buckwheat pillow. My Megan is taking hers to her grandparents next weekend, to a friends house ‘in case we need to rest, mom’, and we will be taking it on road trips for her to sleep in in hotels! She loves it so it will be a constant companion! Anywhere you would take a sleeping bag these sleepers will go!

let them rest on an Enchanted Slumber Sleeper. ad

I can not rave enough about the softness, beauty and quality of the Enchanted Slumber All-In-One Sleeper. I really think that kids need a safe place to lay their head in classrooms and anywhere else their busy childhood takes them. These easy to care for and maintain sleepers are a perfect solution!

Enchanted Slumber makes 100% organic sleepers for kids! ad

Enchanted Slumber also carried 100% organic baby items and lunch pails for kids! You can send your beautiful child to school with a sleeper and lunch pail that match!