Santa’ Safe, Easy & Magical Gifting


"What does Katie want for Christmas?"; "How about Sarah?" ; "And Megan?"; "And you and Tony?" The answer to all of these questions vary, of course, but I find myself telling people the same things over and over again.  Partially because I am on auto answer and partially because I just can not remember every single thing that my kids and husband have said they want while … [Read more...]

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It is my pleasure to tell all of you about the neatest thing I have stumbled on in years! satisfied all of your greeting card needs in a fast, fun, easy to use website!  Based out of the UK (there are no international charges in the US, however), lets you choose, upload photos to, personalize and mail your greeting cards for all kinds … [Read more...]

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Roots USA: Quality Leather + Breast Cancer Watches


A month or so ago, I was the lucky recipient of a gift certificate to Roots USA!  I ordered the cutest yellow clutch and was thrilled when I got it and saw the amazing quality of the real leather purse! I have been meaning to share this wonderful site with you since then! Well, today I got an email from Roots USA telling me that they have some beautiful watches and that … [Read more...]

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It is almost here.  That time to dress up the kids, hand them a bucket, and send them out to collect a myriad of candy in the name of Trick-or-Treating.  It is a favorite time in our house! And it can be an expensive time as well!  That is why I am so glad that there are great websites with quality products that I can search and order from that won't break my piggy … [Read more...]

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*CLOSED* Review, Giveaway, & Discount Code


I am photo album sorting challenged.  Honestly, I have 3700 photos, no lie, stacked behind me to sort.  They are almost 2 years old! I just don't have the time anymore! But what I DO have time for are photo books! I LOVE photo books! And now, I have found a new (to me) website that has some really unique designs, options, and is easy to use! is a … [Read more...]

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*CLOSED* Product Review and Giveaway

nm tots

Have you heard of Totsy?  The private online sales site for kids, women and families? Well, let me introduce you to the site whose premise is to bring the highest name brands to members at up to 90% off! With three young daughters who are growing by the minute and the budget getting tighter and tighter, I am always looking for high quality clothing and accessories but at … [Read more...]

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Tiny Prints & Business Cards


Are you headed to a blogging conference this summer? Do you have your promotional materials ready? I would say the number one item you MUST have on hand is creative, unique, attention grabbing business card! Tiny Prints, one of my favorite photo and printing sites, does Business Cards! Did you know that? I have never been to a blogging conference but am actively seeking … [Read more...]

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costume apron 008

I love aprons.  I really do.  I have a few and every time I put one on, I feel kind of domestic.  Which might explain why I don't wear them very often! But I do love their function and my husband begs me to wear one instead of letting my shirts get dirty when I cook or help the kids with messy projects.  I should wear them more often but it is not a habit. However, I have am … [Read more...]

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dp 1

I told you last week how creative and amazing is!  I continue to love Lexi's charm and people comment and ask about it all the time! I decided to take some charms on the road, so to speak, and head to my local dog park, kids, dog, and charms in tow! We headed to my favorite park, the Millie Bush Bark Park.  A fabulous park with dual lakes, a small dog … [Read more...]

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*CLOSED* Review & Giveaway!


I begrudgingly admit, I need glasses.  I am 38 years old after all and these eyes have seen a lot.  They are worn out and beginning to pay me back for years at the computer! A while back, when I was single and had time to go places without disrupting the entire flow of the operations by having three kiddos tagging along, I had glasses and wore them.  Somewhere along the way, … [Read more...]

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lexi 520112 007

OK, OK, OK! So I am jumping up and down excited to start sharing with you - my pet loving- readers, the new dog charm products from! I LOVE these charms! The one of a kind, customized dog charms can be exclusively ordered through! The process is so incredibly easy.  I entered the site, clicked on the bone that says … [Read more...]

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*CLOSED* Product Review & Giveaway! 2 Winners


I can not wait to tell you guys about! The receiving of this product prompted a total redecoration of my one year old daughter's room.  We are talking paint, scrubbed to the hilt, rearranging happiness! All for this decal! Now THAT is a good product! I'll admit, when I first went on the site, I was a little overwhelmed!  There are so many awesome … [Read more...]

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