Santa’ Safe, Easy & Magical Gifting


"What does Katie want for Christmas?"; "How about Sarah?" ; "And Megan?"; "And you and Tony?" The answer to all of these questions vary, of course, but I find myself telling people the same things over and over again.  Partially because I am on auto answer and partially because I just can not remember every single thing that my kids and husband have said they want while … [Read more...]

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It is my pleasure to tell all of you about the neatest thing I have stumbled on in years! satisfied all of your greeting card needs in a fast, fun, easy to use website!  Based out of the UK (there are no international charges in the US, however), lets you choose, upload photos to, personalize and mail your greeting cards for all kinds … [Read more...]

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Roots USA: Quality Leather + Breast Cancer Watches


A month or so ago, I was the lucky recipient of a gift certificate to Roots USA!  I ordered the cutest yellow clutch and was thrilled when I got it and saw the amazing quality of the real leather purse! I have been meaning to share this wonderful site with you since then! Well, today I got an email from Roots USA telling me that they have some beautiful watches and that … [Read more...]

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It is almost here.  That time to dress up the kids, hand them a bucket, and send them out to collect a myriad of candy in the name of Trick-or-Treating.  It is a favorite time in our house! And it can be an expensive time as well!  That is why I am so glad that there are great websites with quality products that I can search and order from that won't break my piggy … [Read more...]

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*CLOSED* Review, Giveaway, & Discount Code


I am photo album sorting challenged.  Honestly, I have 3700 photos, no lie, stacked behind me to sort.  They are almost 2 years old! I just don't have the time anymore! But what I DO have time for are photo books! I LOVE photo books! And now, I have found a new (to me) website that has some really unique designs, options, and is easy to use! is a … [Read more...]

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