Raising Daughters

Raising daughters is fun, challenging and the most amazing part of my life. As a single mom, my daughters need a strong, reliable roll model. As a mom, I need support, love and understanding. Parenting in general is better with usable parenting tips, parenting advice and a supportive friend along the way. ADayinMotherhood.com aims to be that friend! My posts offer honest and real life struggles and celebrations that surround motherhood!

Single Motherhood and the Reality of Relationship Jealousy

Single Motherhood and the Reality of Relationship Jealousy It may surprise some of you to know that I embrace single motherhood with everything I have. I absolutely love it. To me, anyway, it is so much easier than being married was. Not because I did not value the parenting help and opinion of another adult [...]

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Has Social Media Ruined Our Ability to Have a Conversation?

Has Social Media Ruined Our Ability to Have a Conversation? Raise your hand if you are on no social media networks. I would guess that the majority of you are on at least one. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest... there are a so many modern sites that are built to help us connect, decorate and cook. [...]

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Judgmental People Suck

Judgmental People Suck I suppose you could call it human nature. Passing judgement on others seems to be part of our make-up. It is as if having a differing opinion from someone else gives us the right to automatically look down on them. But there is a fundamental difference in making a judgment in your [...]

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Day Hiking with Your Kids this Summer: The Benefits & the Logistics

Taking your children day hiking can be an amazing experience for them. Your children will be able to explore a new locations, see wild animals, birds, plants and interesting flora that will help them to build their world knowledge. Children learn by interacting with the things around them and by being taught about the things [...]

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