One of these Kids is Not Like the Other

I have three beautiful, kind, amazing little girls. All of them are the loves of my life, the reason I wake up and the reason I work so hard to provide for them. They are my whole heart and the love I have for them is like no other I have ever known. All three are raised the same. With them all being a year apart, the same rules apply to all. They get the same rewards and punishments for behavior issues, the same consequences for not following the rules and the same ‘pick your punishment’ for repeat offenses. They share a room, go to the same school at the same time and even have a lot of the same friends.

But despite the closeness, one of these kids is not like the other.

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Embracing My Inner Mean Mommy

I thought motherhood would be easy.  I thought I would be good at it.  I thought that if I just showered my kids with enough love and attention that behavioral issues would be kept to a minimum.

I was oh, so sadly, wrong.

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Is Calling Someone Fat the Same as a Racial Slur?

It is never OK, at any time, EVER, to call people names. I am very passionate about raising my kids to see ALL people as just that… people. Not black, not white, not heavy, not thin. I teach them that beauty is only determined by what is in their heart and that everyone is worth getting to know on a deeper level. My girls are very young but I have been talking openly about equality with them since they could listen. Why? Because I think any label that is designed to degrade, judge or segment someone is rude and that if we simply stopped doing it, we would be a happier, healthier society.

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Planning my Future by Reliving My Past

They say you can’t go back. That you can not recreate the joys and happiness of your past that you remember so fondly. While I agree to a certain extent, I also think that the benefit of having a past is that you can pick and choose what you want to take into your future.

These last two years have been well documented on ADayinMotherhood.com. In fact, the last five years of my life have been documented. From the obvious signs of a very bad marriage in my early posts to the ugly divorce to the resurrection of my heart and soul from the fires of disappointment, you have seen it all. You have stood by me and for that, I am grateful. Now I am planning my future. I am learning that to do that, sometimes I have to relive my past.

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YES, Motherhood DOES Get Easier… Sort of

I type this after a hellacious morning of child 1 and child 3 fighting, whining and basically making me question my motherhood abilities while getting ready for school. Despite my 5 year old whining almost all morning because she wanted to wear the red ladybug underwear that she wore yesterday – no, I am sorry, I did not do the laundry in the 1 free hour I had last night – and my 8 year old dramatically saying, ‘Moooooom!!!’ as I try to pin back her overgrown bangs, I still have the strength to say, YES, motherhood does get easier. The adage you hear when you are engrossed in the lack of sleep world of dirty diapers, spit up and unsolicited advice, IS true!

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How To Deal With a Whiny Child

Sarah is my whiny child.  24 hours a day, non stop, no matter what, every day.

It is driving me crazy.  Crazier.  Craziest.

It just makes me plum insane with frustration on how to get her to stop!

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Boy vs Girl: Which Did YOU Want?

A week or so ago on The View, a conversation was sparked by a Gallup Poll given to parents – to -be.  The question was regarding the sex of their unborn children.

They asked if they preferred a boy, girl, or either one.

Interestingly enough, 28% wanted  a girl, 26% did not care, and an amazing 40% wanted a boy!

The conversation went on to discuss what the ladies had preferred when they were expecting.

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Is internet dating dangerous for single moms? #skexperts

I am an Expert Among Us for SheKnows.com. Find all of my articles on my SheKnows.com page

Online dating can be fun but it can also be dangerous. These tips and the real story of my experience may help you decide for yourself.

It has been over two years since my separation and divorce. I have dated some but my schedule, my desire not to introduce my kids to anyone and my own mistrust after a nasty divorce have held me back from anything other than a few dinners. About a year ago, my friends talked me into trying internet dating. I was hesitant but honestly, those weekends when the kids are at their dad’s can get lonely. So I created an account and waited for responses. READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE

Is internet dating dangerous for single moms? #skexperts

My C-section flap is the most beautiful thing on my body #skexperts

I am an Expert Among Us for SheKnows.com. Find all of my articles on my SheKnows.com page

The C-section flap can cause so many body image issues. But in reality, it is the most beautiful thing I have on my body. 

All along in all of my three pregnancies, I hoped for vaginal births. I prepared for the first one, planned it out, wrote a birth plan, the whole deal. But a 21-hour labor, a baby coming out sideways and a drop in heart rate for both of us led to an emergency Cesarean section. Though I wished for VBACs (vaginal birth after C-section) for the other two, further complications led to C-sections. Each time, the doctor went into the same scar to get my girls out. Now, I have a large scar across my midsection and the inevitable “C-section flap’ that accompanies it.  READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE

My c-section flap is the most beautiful thing on my body #skexperts

September 11, 2001

My three children were not born on September 11, 2001.  They were not even conceived or though of.  In fact, I had not even met their father.  That would be a year or so away.

I was a stockbroker in a large firm on my phone with the trading desk, placing an order, calculating my commission, wondering if it was enough to buy that new Kate Spade purse I wanted.  The trader on Wall Street took my order and then called back a few minutes later.  “There is some craziness here.  Something has hit the World Trade Center building.”

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I Am Not as Strong As You Think I Am

It is possible that I am typing this post with tears in my eyes. Frustrated, tired, at the end of my rope tears. Not because anything in particular is wrong. Not because I have any real complaints in life. But because I get up everyday thinking I can do it, I can handle it and I can succeed at everything my life entails. But I go to bed every night feeling like I did not do enough, I did not accomplish enough and that I need 15 more hours in the day just to make a dent. I feel like I let everyone down. From my kids to my clients to my dogs to myself. The worst part is, I think people have this image of me as this strong woman who plows through life without fear and with confidence. But the truth is, I am not as Strong as you think I am.

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Gun Control: A Mom’s Perspective

I realize that I am opening a whole can of worms with this post.  I don’t care.  But after Bob Costas made his opinion known on Sunday Night Football, I have had thoughts swirling through my head that I have to put down on paper.

I am for gun control and I am not for gun control.

How is that for clear?

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Fallen Leaves

My daughters and I went on a walk the other day.  A walk we all needed, having tired of the routine of our days during the holidays.  The weather was warm and balmy like most Texas afternoons.  We were expecting colder weather over the next few days, so I wanted to stay out as long as I could.

Katie and Sarah hopped on their bikes and I put Megan in her push car.  Off we went, rolling over fallen leaves, twigs, and dirt piles left by rain earlier in the week.

I kept up with my bike riders, reminding them to look both ways before crossing the street, and listened to Megan squeal and screech from her chauffeured ride.  “Come on Sarah, let’s go faster!”  “OK Katie, I go fastew!”

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Debunking 5 Myths About the Chicken Industry #Tyson

*I traveled to Tyson Headquarters as an invited guest. All opinions are my own and no content was required in exchange for the trip. The post was not reviewed prior to posting.**


Last week I got to do something that I was seriously hesitant about. But I am so glad I did it and came out with a knowledge I think few laypersons get to have. I got to visit a farm where 300,000 chickens are raised by a mom and pop business for the benefit of Tyson Foods. I also got to tour their state of the art Safety Lab, walk through a Cornish Hen factory and ask any question I wanted without worry that something would be off limits. In fact, the depth of details that they allowed me and two other bloggers to get into was truly impressive. If you know me at all, I was not shy. To help me aid in getting to the absolute truth about Tyson Foods, large corporations as a whole and the safety of the food that we put on our tables, I asked readers to ask questions too.

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I am Still a Good Mom Even if I Don’t Homeschool!

Every so often a heated debate happens on social media revolving around motherhood. Breastfeeding vs. not vs. where it is OK and where it is not flares up occasionally. Leaving kids in hot cars comes up every Summer, as it should. And other topics arise as we all stumble through motherhood. I am of the opinion that there is no bad motherhood decision if you are truly taking care of your kids and they are safe, happy and healthy. You can introduce all the studies in the world but I think any well meaning mom that treats her kids right is being the best mother she can.

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The Truth About Motherhood Regrets

Sometimes the hardest thing to deal with in life is the “what could have been’s”, ‘what should have been’s” and “what I should have done better.”

Regrets suck.

Especially when, by the time you realize your mistake, it is seemingly too late to turn back.  And then the regrets become a running tape in your head on auto loop.  Reminding you constantly that you messed up.  Or didn’t follow through.  Or didn’t take a chance.

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