5 Girls Gifts That Daddy Should Never Be Asked to Purchase

Written by Series Guest Blogger, Brooks Weatherspoon, a father of twin 12 year old girls that will give us insight into A Day in Fatherhood!

I absolutely adore buying my kids new things. Like any parent, I don’t want to spoil them but the look on their faces when I do is as much fun for me as it is for them. That said, there are some things that a father should never be asked to buy. There are some girls gifts that should be off the radar….out of bounds…not in the realm of possible for Daddy. As a father of two beautiful twin 12 year old daughters, I have already experienced some of these. I am scarred for life but you don’t have to be.

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3 Reasons Your Christmas Wish List Might Be Useless

Making out a Christmas wish list is an art form. Not everyone does it correctly and not every perfect Christmas wish list will work out the way you want. As a mother, I am keenly aware of the power of the wish list when it is properly employed. If you have a Christmas wish list that you really want filled, it is extremely important to avoid certain mistakes. Here are three of the more common mistakes made along with solutions to over come them.

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What To Get A Girl For Christmas – Single Mom Edition

It is so hard to be a single mom in today’s world. First off, there are all the normal difficulties that one would expect…. runny noses, impossible schedules, etc. Holidays are the worst though.  The exhaustion piles up quickly and it doesn’t take long to realize that you are running on fumes. With this in mind, I came up with a list of five awesome Christmas gifts that every single mom would love to have. When you have to know what to get a girl for Christmas, it helps to know what she really needs!

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Child Model’s Mom Being Bashed for Over-Sexing Her Daughter. Do you agree?

A while back I saw some photos of little toddler g-strings that made my skin crawl. A while later I saw some photos of a 6 or 7 year old in a spaghetti strap shirt with the straps hanging off her shoulder, legs spread, definitely provocative. It grossed me out to no end. I certainly thought those photos were over-sexed, asking us to see these little babies in adult poses that, literally, were eye candy for a pedophile. I know that our kids are over-sexed. From sexual undertones in children’s movies to the magazine covers we can not shield them from, they are exposed to sex all the time. Now, though, there is a mom of a 9 year old who is getting hammered for her photos of her 9 year old daughter. To me, at least, these seem fairly innocent. But what do you think? Should this Child Model’s Mom Be Bashed for Over-Sexing Her Daughter?

Are Our Kids Over=Sexed? Or Are We Over-Reacting?

Photo from MailOnline.com

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Training Bras and Woman Things – A Daddy Survival Guide

Written by Series Guest Blogger, Brooks Weatherspoon, a father of twin 12 year old girls that will give us insight into A Day in Fatherhood!

I have dreaded it for years. I knew that one day my daughters would have to talk to me about the woman things. The “woman things” are what my mother affectionately referred to as as anything related to the private areas. For my own sanity, I adopted the same genius method of communication and strategy with my daughters.

Don’t get me wrong… I could easily talk to them about the birds and the bees, what boys will try to do and things of that nature. I can prepare them for the ills of the world when talking about others. I am speaking from experience when I am dealing with what boys might do.

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Casey Anthony Wants Another Baby?

If this story is actually true, I don’t know how to react! MailOnline.com is reporting that Casey Anthony wants another baby. The mother who was acquitted of killing her 3 year old daughter and leaving her in a trash bag wants another baby. Apparently, she is meeting and talking to men who wrote he in jail to help her make that dream a reality.

Casey Anthony Wants Another Baby?

Photo from Radaronline.com

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Teaching My Children Justice in an Un-Just World #ICantBreathe

Another jury has decided that a police officer is not legally responsible for the death of a man. Eric Garner was put in a choke hold in July on Staten Island after an altercation with police that started with cigarettes. He was taken to the ground by multiple men, put in a choke hold for no apparent reason and later died of his injuries. He also had asthma and was overweight and they are asking us to believe that was more the cause of death than a banned choke hold that restricted air from reaching his lungs.

Teaching my children justice is a lot harder when stories like this come out.

Teaching My Children Justice in an Un-Just World #ICantBreathe

Photo found on Twitter

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Sentimental Christmas Gifts for Mom

Buying for mom is always tough. I mean… Mom’s seem to have everything, right? When the Christmas season rolls around, I kind of hope that Mom’s television breaks down. That way, I have a ready made replacement gift without a ton of fuss or muss. It is for this reason that I taken a new direction with Christmas gifts for mom….I make her cry uncontrollably.

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Would you Dye Your Armpit Hair?

Sometimes I think the trends that come out are OK. They promote a person’s individuality and allow us to explore. If we did not take chances, the image of ‘beauty’ in our culture would not change. In fact, years ago, tattoos were unacceptable, large butt’s were very out and there was a time that short hair on women was considered inappropriate.  These days we are much more accepting of a person’s right to do what they want. But… Would you dye your armpit hair?

Would you Dye Your Arm Hair?

Jenn Harris Article – LA Times

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How to Raise Girls

How to raise girls? Isn’t that a million dollar question. I’ve always heard that raising girls is much harder than boys. Since I only have girls, I honestly can’t say one way or the other. But, what I do know is raising three girls is not easy. I have done plenty of research though, and I have discovered a few things about raising girls that I would like to share with you:

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Letter to my Daughter

Letter to my Daughter:

It seems like just yesterday you entered this world. I remember holding you at the hospital for the first time. You held onto my finger with your little hand and looked up at me. You were so tiny and fragile. I was afraid to even change your diaper for the first time. I didn’t want to break you. The memory of that moment is engraved on my heart forever.

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How to Raise a Confident Daughter!

One of the hardest things to do as a parent is to know how to raise a confident daughter. Though they start their lives off full of confidence, it seems to slowly go away as they grow older. Think of that fun little baby that took her first steps, and that excited toddler that wasn’t afraid to do or say anything.

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Woman Claims She Can’t Afford to Put $40,000 of $100,000 in Donations Away for Her Kids

If you live anywhere near Phoenix, AZ, you have probably heard the story of Shanesha Taylor. She is the woman accused of leaving her children in a hot car while she went in to do a job interview. A single mom, she left her 2 year old and 6 month old in her car while she tried to get a job. Police heard the children crying and she was charged. However, support for this single mom poured in as people saw the tearful mug shot and learned that she was homeless. At least she was trying to get a job, right?

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Should ’19 Kids and Counting’ Be Canceled over Removal of Gay Couple Kissing Photo?

The television network, TLC, has been under fire over the last few months. From that absolute disaster of Honey Boo Boo’s mother allowing a convicted child molester around her kids to the new discussions about the popular show ’19 Kids and Counting’ and their anti-gay actions. Since Jim and Michelle Duggar removed a photo of John Becker, of LGBT blog The Bilerico Project, kissing his husband, along with a message about marriage equality in response to Michelle and Jim Duggar encouraging people to share their kiss on their Facebook Page, the call to take the show off the air has gotten louder.

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My Adoption and Me

November 20 is National Adoption Day.  A day to raise awareness and celebrate adoptive parents and children everywhere.  It’s funny, I never even knew it existed, or really cared, until recently.  Until my blog, really.  Until I forced myself to post honestly about my myriad of emotions as a mother and realized, this event-  my adoption – is more important to me than I thought.

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I Don’t Know About You But I’m Feelin’ 42

Today I am 42. I don’t feel it even if I look it. I still feel young and full of energy and excited about my promising future. Of course, I have had two cups of coffee and don’t have any reason to leave the house today. So that always helps. Pulling on bulky winter clothing might make me feel every ache and pain that comes with 42.

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