Get Your Pumpkin Fix at Denny’s with ‘SEASON’S FLAVORITES’ #DennysDiners

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Every where you look from Pinterest to front stoops, pumpkin in all of it’s glory is there! So it would make sense that at the girls and I favorite diner, pumpkin would be in full swing! Sure enough, Denny’s Diners welcomes Seasonal FLavorites for us all to enjoy!

Get Your Pumpkin Fix at Denny's with ‘SEASON’S FLAVORITES’ #DennysDiners [Read more...]

Halloween Ideas for Kids & Enter to WIN the Halloween Creepstakes from Coupons.com #CREEPSTAKES

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Over the years I have come up with some pretty fun ways to celebrate Halloween with my kids. From awesome costumes to fun candy ideas, we try to make every year special. This year, my kids are with their dad this Halloween so I will be handing out candy with my neighbors. But I will be happily awaiting all of the festivity photos from their dad that night. In the meantime, I have included a round up of my favorite Halloween ideas for kids below. Plus I will be entering the Coupons.com Halloween Creepstakes at Coupons.com! Even without my kids this year, I would still love to win $3,000 plus $100 a day in the easy sweeps!

Halloween Ideas for Kids & Enter to WIN the Halloween Creepstakes from Coupons.com #CREEPSTAKES [Read more...]

Start a Conversation with Your Kids with Harvest Time Books and Games + 2 Winner Giveaway

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In the midst of back to school, homework, gymnastics and the day to day management of three daughters, I forget sometimes to see if what I want to teach them is getting through.  How are their decision making skills? Do they want to do for others? Are they ethical and learning compassion? So when books and games come along that help me have age appropriate discussions with my kids, I am all aboard! Harvest Time Partners has an amazing selection of books and games that get the conversation flowing in a really fun way!

Start a Conversation with Your Kids with Harvest Time Books and Games [Read more...]

Moms’ Night Out Tickles the Mommy Bone: Now on DVD + WIN a Copy #MomsNightOut

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Moms everywhere dream of it. The perfect Moms’ Night Out. Unfortunately, if we think we can get away for three hours and leave the kids with the husband or a pal, amazingly funny things can happen. Thus is the premise of the must own film, Mom’s Night Out! Now on DVD, this slapstick comedy will make every mom feel a little better about the chaos that can ensue when mom wants to have dinner with friends!

Moms' Night Out on DVD #MomsNightOut [Read more...]

Saying Thank You to the Holders of the #WorldsTougestJob is Easy #AD + a Discount Code from Cardstore.com

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**This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cardstore. All opinions are my own.**

Some say that when a mom stays home to raise her children, every day is Mother’s Day. But the truth of the matter is – and I know as I have been a work out of the home mom, a stay at home mom and a work at home mom – and most days are hard work, thankless and frustrating. So to pull a day aside to recognize a mom who puts her kids first and herself last, is special and important. Most of us don’t want much. We want to sleep in, to put our chores to the side all day and to be first for 8 whole hours. A simple card – like one you can create online at Cardstore.com – to say Thank You is all the gift we need.


Cardstore.com [Read more...]

‘Do You Want to Build a Snowman?’ A Reinactment

One film has taken over this house like no other! FROZEN is my daughter’s first choice, last choice, and every choice in between. Though I have watched it with them many time, I am amazed at how much they retain. My 4 year old, Megan and my 6 year old, Sarah, act out every song and scene they can! ‘Do You Want to Build a Snowman?’


This video is priceless and so I share it with you!

Link up your child’s photo or video of their favorite film too!

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I am TIRED of Changing Batteries! Energizer Lithium Review


‘Mooooom! It won’t turn on!’

‘What do you mean? I JUST changed the batteries!’

Sound familiar? It is a scene that plays out in my house at least once a week if not more. I get tired of it, I really do. Luckily, because I have worked with Energizer in the past, I know that they last longer than any other battery I have tried. In fact, there is now proof that Energizer Lithium batteries are the longest lasting for your electronics! See, HERE is the Proof!

Energizer Lithium Batteries [Read more...]

Drawing with Mark by Shelter Island DVD Review


Learning to draw is always a new adventure for children; building confidence as skill develops is amazing to watch!  Drawing with Mark is an exceptional tool for new learners to grasp the building blocks of fundamental drawing.  To see their little face light up from their own artwork, which is now not limited to stick figures puts a nice big cheeky grin on this mother!

drawing with mark

[Read more...]

I am Not His Ex-Wife, I am Their Mother

I realize that this post might ruffle a few feathers. I realize that I am speaking from my own experience. And I realize that my ex-husband will read this and unleash yet another round of hatred and immaturity on me. I also realize that all family units are not the same. Not all mothers are on the ‘best’ list and that men are screwed over by woman in the name of the children almost daily. I do live in the real world. But, some of us are doing everything we are supposed to do and still being deemed evil by the ‘new’ woman in our ex-husband’s life. And I think it is unfair. So let’s hit some emotional cords in an attempt to declare that I am not his ex-wife, I am THEIR mother.

mothersaying [Read more...]

Sneak Peek of Disney’s MALEFICENT Features New Lana Del Rey Song!!!

How excited are you to see this mysterious new film from Disney? Maleficent has a promising cast and tale that is sure to intrigued us all!  Mysterious and a spin of darkness surrounds this self proclaimed Mistress of all evil and we are patiently awaiting her arrival to the big screen!

maleficent [Read more...]

Disney’s FROZEN Sing-Along Clip!!!

Coming this Friday, Disney is presenting a brand new sing-along version of the fast favorite, FROZEN (Which is coming on DVD in March!)! We absolutely adore this sweet movie and will be front and center to sing our little hearts out on January 31st! How exciting is this news??? I am already popping out of my seat, but hesitant to tell my girls quite yet- they will be out of this world with elation!  ***CONFESSION*** I belted out the words while watching this clip! AMAZING!!!

[Read more...]

DreamWorks Pictures’ NEED FOR SPEED Behind-the-Scenes Featurette Now Available!!!

Need for Speed is coming out soon and we are patiently waiting behind the wheel to steer into the theater!  This new film by DreamWorks Pictures has an amazing cast and adventurous plot that will leave everyone on the edge of their seats!

NEED FOR SPEED races into theatres everywhere on March 14th, 2014!

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A Simple Thank You is Easier with SendThanks.com

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of SendThanks.com for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Saying Thank You, I Appreciate You, I Love You or jusy saying Hi randomly seems to be a dying art. But showing love and appreciation to those you love is vital for maintaining important relationships no matter what. Shopping for cards at the store and mailing them is awesome. But sometimes, you want to send something quick and cute and instantly. So when I heard about SendThanks.com, I was all over it. 

 photo FinalLoungeLizardSendThanksLogojpeg_zpse7bfb1a0.jpg

Signing up is easy. Sending a quick note is FREE. 

I love my VA, Beth – as well as all of my awesome team members. But she has to put up with the daily onslaught of my craziness. I always feel like I can not do enough for her! So sending her a little Thank You now and then is important to me! 

I went to the SendThanks.com site to send her one of their virtual thank you notes. I added my name, chose a photo to add, picked a fun stamp, entered her info and then a message. I clicked send and she got it instantly! I bet it adds a little smile to her day, too!

With a Thank You that is this easy, there is no reason not to use this site. 

But it is more than  just notes. You can have a daily journal that your family can see, and so much more. It is a website based on the value of human connections and I really like it! It's easy, fun and perfect for those little notes that we all want to send but never find the time to!

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Chillafish Bikes for Innovative and Active Play!


My little rebels love to try new and intelligently inventive equipment and we are so proud to introduce the Chillafish BMXie!  Clearly, creativity of a top-notch bicycle that adds more activity into regular play has a  significant benefit for outdoor play.  My daughter took one look at the vibrant yellow BMXie and could not wait to take a ride in the wind!  She is just learning how to ride without training wheels, so being able to use her feet was vital for her confidence.

[Read more...]

Give the Gift of Canvas from Easy Canvas Prints


You may remember that along with being a product reviewer for A Day in Motherhood, I am also a photographer.  I LOVE taking photographs- landscapes, animals, odd things, portraits, weddings, etc.  But do you know what I love even more than the taking of the photograph?  The final product!  There is nothing more awesome to me than actually holding my creation and hanging it on my wall…whether it’s a black and white print, a color print, a metal print, a wood print, or one of my favorites: the canvas print!  That is why I am so incredibly excited to share with you the opportunity to enter a holiday photo contest from Easy Canvas Prints! [Read more...]

Crock Pot Stew with Good for the Environment Products #CartonSmart

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Carton Smart for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

It absolutely shocks me how much trash my girls and I generate. I probably take the trash out daily and my two large trash cans are always full, sometimes with overflow, twice a week for the collectors. We don’t have recycling in our neighborhood and though we take a lot of stuff to the recycle bin at the school, we are still on trash overload. I have deep respect for companies that take my trash and turn it into something useful. Like containers for Pacific Foods! [Read more...]

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